Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Family Foto Day

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After a trip to visit my family in Wisconsin, I could hardly wait to look at all the neat photos we had taken of the grand kids, their new (at the time) house, and other things we had seen on our trip! Wisconsin is so beautiful, and has always been one of my favorite states!
We had a really nice time as Sean drove us through Downtown Milwaukee, and showed us how the residents of Wisconsin really drive! What a shock! We had to hang on to our hats to get from the 'burbs' to some neat night spots! And I thought Michigan drivers had TRUE GRIT! Whoa!
We got to see some nice shopping areas, and of course had to go to the store for fresh fruit and veggies. Their favorite store is very nicely done up - makes you want to keep on buying, it's so nice and quaint in appearance - especially the bakery and deli areas.
And - - HEEEERE's RICH! He's the older of the two. A mom could not ask for better sons than these young men! On a final note, I would like you to know why these photos are so special to me --- I could not remember taking these particular shots - and finally it came to me. These two boys that I raised are usually wonderful, but on this particular occasion, they captured my camera, held it hostage, and took these wonderful pics of themselves, just waiting for me to unravel!!! Well, was I ever surprised! And I got a good laugh!!!

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~Deborah~ said...

Who would have thought?!...two cows for Foto Friday!

That is just too funny that your guys took photos and didn't tell you. I can't imagine what went through your mind when you saw them!

Thanks for sharing,

Sherrie said...

Great photos!! My son does that to me all the time. Holds my camera hostage, takes photos, and doesn't tell me. Very funny!! Have a great day!!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

I have two grown boys too! Aren't they the best? Loved seeing the photos of your handsome sons! Seems they have a great sense of humor! The camera trick was very clever!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Sounds like they are full of ****, lol..Nice looking boys. Isn't it nice to visit with them. They are a hoot.

Angela said...

Great pictures! Looks like your boys had some fun doing that for you! Thanks for visiting my site!
When I seen a corgi I went wild!

ann said...

That cow reminds me of Elsie.Isn't wonderful to be able to brag about your children?Corse any Texan will tell you"it ain't braggin if it's the truth"....Ann

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I was thinking, "The poor thing took pictures of SHOPPING CARTS and Stop signs, she has NO sense of composition, bless her heart, but she tried" and then read the story -- HILARIOUS, oooh, those boys of yers are NAUGHTY!

April said...

Love the cow...makes me think of the one near us at Mayfield Dairy Farms. All your pictures are well as the story that goes with them!

Joy said...

Those boys are too funny. ;o)

Joy said...

Those boys are too funny. ;o)

jeanne said...

Love your post today. I too love Wisconsin. A beautiful place. Your boys are cute having fun with your camera. Thanks for sharing.


claudie said...

Boys will be boys..I also have 2 boys..still only 18 and 16 and they are so much fun.
Great FF
Love Claudie

Angela said...

Hey again! I had to come back to see more of your blog ie. corgi's. You have some beautiful corgi's! It was funny, I turned away for a while and forgot what I was doing and thought who put these words and pictures on my blog! lol Then I figured it out. We have the same blog wallpaper! lol

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What fun and naughty boys!
Loved your post today too.
We 'always' talk about Michigan drivers, in the negative mean the true offenders are in Wisconsin? Who knew?

(hey, I was from MI, so don't feel guilty talking about y'all behind your backs! He hee!)

Infrared Goggles said...

So cute how boys find such creative ways to love their mother! I have one who would do something like this, too. :D

Dismom said...

Hey, the angry crossing guard is kind of cute! I swear, they become 10 again when they're together.

Montee said...

I think your sons are hilarious. Have a good week!