Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Making Friends

This afternoon, I introduced my Giant Chinchilla, "Herbie", to one of my corgi girls. Prairie was poised to herd the single rabbit - but took direction well and simply relaxed, trying her very best to share her favorite toys with Herbie! Sharing is hard for ANY dog to do, never mind the breed of dog! I was proud of her. In the months that we have parented Prairie, she has come along awesomely well. We didn't know how she would get along with other species of animals, so every introduction was carefully monitored to be sure that all creatures would be safe.
When working with animals, everything you do is training. Everything they get away with is training. But the good thing is, animals live in the moment, so most issues the owner comes up against can be corrected, and does not have to be 'put up with' forever more. You can create your own exercises to help the dog understand how he needs to be or react in different or difficult situations. That is the beauty of it.

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^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Great pic, great content. You're a natural at this Monica!