Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Fotos!!!

I'm joining in on Friday's Favorite Family Fotos today, and when you're finished viewing my post today, please visit Pictures, Pots, Pens , for more of Friday's Favorite Family Fotos participants! It is such great fun!
Here is a picture of my dear Papa. It used to hang in the dormer bedroom I shared with my older sister while we were growing up. It is one of those pictures that was hand colored, I believe, to make it look more life-like, before the actual colored film was invented. I've always loved this portrait, but my sister - she took it down because she said it looked like his eyes were following every move she made! Since I loved it so much, Papa gave it to me for my very own. The day he did, I asked him to write something on the back about the picture, in his own handwriting. He looked puzzled, but I think he was pleased that I asked.
He had very distinct handwriting, and wrote clearly. I asked him to sign and date it, and so he did.

You can see the front of the memorial card (he passed away of pancreatic cancer a year after being diagnosed) in the first picture, where it is tucked into part of the picture frame. St. Theresa, the Little Flower of Jesus, was his favorite Saint, and she is mine, as well.

Mom and I made a collage for Papa as a surprise gift one year - we took some of his medals from WWII, old photos, his dog tags, short snorters, letters from his adopted sister, letters from his commanding officers, and other mementos, and placed them over the top of satin fabrics in the frame shown. We thought we were pretty sneaky doing this and we were SOOOO pleased with ourselves, but Papa was always the great detective - he came to Mom one day asking about his missing medals and short snorters - where could they BE?!? She made some excuse, then came to me wondering if we could give him his gift early because he was worried sick about the missing items! We never DREAMED he would go searching through that old army trunk again! I guess we just didn't realize how important those times were to him, how important the service to his country was a big part of his life history! So, yep, we gave him his gift early - there was no outsmarting our resident detective! He really loved this gift and had it hanging in their family room for many years. Now, it hangs in my home, beside his WWII portrait - a very fitting spot indeed.

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Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What great memories these must bring to mind, how very special to have these to hang on your wall. It was good that he wrote a note telling when and where it was taken.
Thank you so much for sharing these precious memories with us.
Welcome to Friday's Favorite Foto

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those are indeed precious and irreplacable photos and mementos. I think for those of us who did not serve in the Second World War, we have only a dim understanding of just what a tremendous battle of good versus evil it was, and how it marked forever those who did fight the good fight for freedom and decency, like your Papa did.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well! Today's post is just wonderful.
The memory board collage you and your mother did is a really precious thing, and turned out so well.
Your dad's handwriting reminds me of my catholic's the r's, the nuns taught us to make our r's like that...
I agree with Penniwig, the sacrifice that that generation made, touched their lives forever in a profound way. Aren't you glad you have your dad's writing? My dad had a flowing hand as well, and it's such a shock to see it now, he died in '71, at a younger age than any of his three children are today.
These items are be passed on, with all the stories too.

April said...

Gorgeous photo of your dad. I just love what he wrote on the back. Such a treasure! I really love the story of what you did with your father's WWII memorabilia...and having to give him his gift early to ease his mind!

Dismom said...

What a heartfelt post. You made my eyes leak. I can tell how much your Papa meant to you. He won't be forgotten.

Sherrie said...

Great Photos today!! The gift you made for your dad is awesome!! I have a photo of my dad from WWll that is hand painted. They are beautiful portraits! Have a great day!!


Angela said...

Great post! Love the history around the picture and your grandpa. Sounds like he was a great man!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I loved this post. Thank you for sharing your "papa" with us and the memories behind the photo and of your papa. He sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

What a wonderful, wonderful story! It was so sweet for you to share beautiful memories of your father! I think the collage board you and your mom made for your father was the absolute best! You must really treasure I'm sure your father did!

Thanks for sharing!


Dawn said...

Those are wonderful treasures you have. ☺

The poem on the card has me in tears. It's so touching!

It sounds like your dad was a wonderful man. I'm sure you miss him dearly!

take care,

~Deborah~ said...

A treasure indeed! The history of the picture in your dad's own handwriting. What a great idea to ask him to write something on the back.

My heart always skips a beat when I read of a loved dying of pancreatic cancer. I lost my brother to that ... he had just turned 42 years old.

Thank you for joining us this week!


Sue Jackson said...

My dad was in WWII also. He was born in 1920 and reading the back of the portrait really took me back. My dad documented everything, even has a paw print from the platoon dog. Thanks for sharing, as I said it brought back so many of memories of my dad that passed away a couple of years ago.
Take care, Sue

Sheila T said...

Those are great photos and memories. Thank you for sharing them! Love the story about the collage-- my daddy would have noticed that something was going on, too.

Montee said...

What a great momento to have from your father. I have a couple of older photos that were "colored" too.

Tomarie said...

Your father sounded like a wonderful and honorable man! I also love the painted portraits of that era. So sweet that you gave him the collage...and that you honored his service to our country! Laura

Jann said...

What a handsome man your father was! My eyes filled with tears when I read what he wrote on the back of the photo in 2002--and then, when I saw the back of the memorial card, I really cried. I'm so sorry you lost your dad. I lost mine to lung cancer on April 18th, 2004, 5 days after my birthday. His favorite prayer was the 23rd Psalm--I wanted to read it at his funeral, but I didn't trust myself to keep my composure. My Dad was a very devout Catholic, and it was really neat to see that St. Theresa was your dad's (and your) favorite saint. Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway--it brought me here to meet you! God Bless You and your family. ~Jann