Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pssst! HEY YOU!!! TWO Give-Aways!!!


Hey - you simply MUST go visit OnePrimGirl 's posting for today - she is having a cute giveaway, and I had to sign up! It's not hard at all!

Here are the items in her give-away - simply adorable, and would be cute for your home and crafting ideas! Go have a peek yourself, and sign up!!!


Visit Corgidogmama 's blog too - she's having a 200th posting giveaway to celebrate all of her therapeutic friends here in 'blog-land USA'! Here's the goodies SHE has to offer! Oh, I just love giveaways!!! Love to have 'em, but Lovelier to WIN them!!! Put your name in their bonnets, and Good Luck to you all!

Oh --- by the way, please visit my friend Franny for a good laugh today - she posted a very funny picture on her post today - and please leave her a comment - she'd love to hear from you!

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Mayaa :) said...

thanx for checking out my blog, Feel Good Funniez. I love yours :)