Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easter Story - Raccoons in the Belfry

First on the docket this morning - please click on the corgi to the left to view a most unique etsy treasury that classychassy was selected to be part of! It's a creative 'paying it forward' idea, and I am so pleased to be included, and happy to be able to 'pay it forward' to one of my favorite people and her creative shop. Read the comments below the treasury items to see who I have chosen to add to the treasury!

And now, for your reading enjoyment:
An Easter Story

Easter morning, I had a quick look at my emails finding the message below. Upon close examination, I found it to be sent at 6:00 A.M. Happy Easter Greetings? I think not!

Monie: there is a racoon in our garage.....doesn't look like it is very old.....won't leave. We left the garage door open last night hoping it would leave but in the morning it was sitting near my car. Do you have any ideas....have a live trap? What do you think? Dave tried to push it out with a broom and it just looked at him and sat there. We are leaving for church soon.....hope I can get to my car.
let me know....

My dear sister! By now there should be no question in her mind on who to call with questions involving critters! I have had so many episodes with animals, wild and tame, that if I don't know by personal experience, I can come up with something extremely creative that will work! Once, when our children were small, she phoned me in a panic. A bird had somehow gotten into her house on the main floor. (She recalled how I used to capture birds when they dropped down my dad's chimney when we were kids - the birds would sit up top outside to keep warm, then would get 'gassed' by the natural gas exhaust and would topple down to the bottom of the chimney into the basement, and I would get them out the little trap door!) I told her to get a laundry basket, and capture the bird by putting it over the bird when it landed on the floor. Well, in her fright, she forgot about putting it over the bird - she put it over her head so it would not peck her - never mind about her two toddlers sitting on the floor playing with their trucks! It's every person for themselves!!!

This is the culprit, napping in the rafters of their garage! He was probably just looking for a midnight snack - and unwittingly had found himself in the garage of Woman Wielding Laundry Basket! No, Marilyn - this is not a case solved by a mere basket - you need heavy leather gloves and a good sized camping cooler! Since my boys and I had this happen years back with 6 young raccoons way up high in our Illinois corn crib, it was not outside my limits of expertise.

I phoned her at about 10:30 A.M., but by that time, it had left of its own accord - probably frightened away by the screams and squeals! I was slightly disappointed, because I was hoping to be able to come to their assistance and rescue their family from the Ferocious Easter Raccoon! They were kind enough to send snapshots and so I share them with you! Hope you enjoyed today's story, and that you had a fantastic Easter experience yourselves!

(Hubert, The Easter Raccoon!)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

OMG that's a hilarious post!

It always strikes me as strange, how different siblings can it REALLY the same gene pool?

Hope "Hubert" has gone back to being a wild animal and is staying out of garages...

Chatty Crone said...

I think raccoons are cute to look at, delightful to see, but not if they are in my garage!

You are a brave woman!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Coons always look so cute, but I'd be afraid of them up close!