Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Vintage Clipart - Children's Books

Here are some old books that are re-worked some, for you to use in projects. Remember playing with puppets? I do! We had a monkey puppet we used to love - it had the mohair fur on it, and the glass eyes too. There were also the marionettes with the strings attached to the crossed sticks for the kids that were more adept at working the arms and legs on such toys - I don't recall we ever had that kind of puppet, but the neighbors had one we would mess with once in a while.

Do you like Parrots? I have a lovebird named Presto3 that is very entertaining. She likes to climb on her string of hoops, weaving in and out each different color, and grasping the bell at the bottom, ringing it when she needs a snack! Nothing like Room Service - spoiled bird! She loves Cheerios!

It's springtime, and the ads are out now for free kittens. When we lived in Illinois, I took the kids to a garage sale, and we got a kitten from a "FREE" box. It was a calico tiger kitty, and we named her Ozzie. Don't ask me why - we liked the name, I think. Anyways, we brought her home, and she was the best kitty - and grew up to be a wonderful cat. She lived many many years. She stayed in the family, even after my divorce, first with my youngest son and his wife; then as she got older and a little more cantankerous, my oldest son and his wife took her in, till she passed away from old age. We have lots of fond memories of Ozzie, may she rest in peace.

It appears that ChatterBox was in print for a good number of years. The look had not changed much in the issues pictured here for your use. If they were in publication today, how would the children look? Spikey green hair? Ear piercings? Tatoos? I'm sure the parents in 1908 would have been horrified to see such monsters on a book or magazine cover - they wouldn't recognize them as any person that they knew! Funny to imagine the looks on their faces if we could reverse time in some way....

Enjoy the day!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love those old illustrations!

I do wish more vets would work with communities to educate about spaying and neutering pets. In places I've lived they make it so HARD to get them spayed/neutered, either by having outrageous fees or by making people wait for months for an appointment -- here they have a "voucher" plan but they make it so difficult that the lower-income people don't even bother with it...

Angela said...

I would also like to see and hear what the old people of yesteryear would have to say about teenagers of today. I was in total shock last week after church when I spotted this boy, now graduated from high school with all of his piercing. YIKES!!! He had not one but two lip rings. One on each side of his bottom lip. I wanted to pull it out! I'm not really sure how his parents feel about it but I do know that I will not tolerate it with my two young kids! Will Not!

Mayaa :) said...

thanks for commenting!

there were water rats at the zoo - have you seen those things? they are quite big!
and we also bandicoots and potaroos which are basically giant rats too. i wanted to take one home :P

Chatty Crone said...

My grandson was looking at your Blog and fell in love with your Corgi Dog picture!

Mayaa :) said...

haha! how will i keep up with three blogs? not really sure myself but at the moment it is only a trial so if it doesn't get enough interest i'll delete it.

maya xx

ocmist said...

I LOVE these old book pictures! My kids accuse me of having a library as we have full bookshelves in every room of the house plus boxes of books that aren't on selves. Both my hubby and I read... A LOT!

We had a couple of marionettes when we were kids. My dad bought them in Mexico one of the two times he went down there. Still have them in one of the closets at my Mom's house (My sister has it now)

We also had a noisy, mean, green parrot that we inherited from my great uncle. We figure he was around 75 years old when he finally passed (The parrot)

So many memories your post brought back... I could go on and on. Thanks, for they are good ones! Linda