Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OH NO! Totally Free Easter-Themed GIVEAWAY!

NO JOKE! I am having an Easter-themed giveaway, to celebrate Spring. The drawing will be April 6th. The prize? It's coming in "stages".... First, An adorable vintage goat figurine! I was going to offer it in my etsy shop for sale, but thought - why not have a fun giveaway - so here it is! It is just the right size for display on a small shelf, and it was made in Japan. The gold paint on the goat's bell is a little worn, but there are no chips on this little boy (I assume it's a boy, because of the blue ribbon collar around his neck!). His eyes are wide open, looking at you for approval, hoping you will wish to win him for your very own!

Second, for the gardeners or people who just plain love to read, I'm tossing in a vintage book written in the 60's by Pat Welsh (No, Corgi fans - I don't believe there are any Welsh Corgis in this book!) titled "All My Edens - a gardener's memoir". It has black and white photos in it, and the contents lists interesting titles such as 'A Cottage in the Woods', The Toad Who Knew His Way Home', ' How Dad Turned us into Americans', and "A Dry Garden and a Blind Date'. Many more, with a total of 214 pages. I have not read it, but it drew my interest. It is in brand new shape, looking as though it has never been read, which is a pity. (A third item will be added on Friday to the two already named here, so keep watching!!)

Entry Deadline will be April 5th. The drawing will be Monday, April 6th. How do you enter?

First: You must 'Follow My Blog' - either join now, or be signed up already.
Second: Let me know in the Comments section that you wish to enter the giveaway.
Third: Enter by Sunday April 5th.
Fourth: Posting a picture of the Monkey on your blog with a link to this giveaway, and writing a little blurb about it will enter your name a second time! Not absolutely necessary, but it will increase your odds of winning! If you do post the Monkey Link, let me know in your comments, so I can have the pleasure of reading what nice things you had to say!

DON'T be an APRIL FOOL! Enter the Giveaway TODAY!

Lastly, please go have a look-see:
I'm so excited - - - My Welsh Corgi Recipe Cards have been featured in an etsy treasury called FUN DOGS, CUTE PUPS! Click HERE to see them and the other featured items!


Coloradolady said...

Very cute giveaway...please enter me!!

Elizabeth said...

That goat is very cute, but so is the monkey at the top!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Just stopping by as usual to say "hi" -- not entering the giveaway, everything I touch I break, LOL...I broke a wooden table yesterday...(don't ask)...what a fun giveaway, the little goat is a cutie pie, great for spring!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

That book looks very interesting.
Surely that author always wished for a corgi in his life!


Wowza...congrats on being in the ETSY treasury! I would love to be entered in your drawing...I will post the picture of the monkey too...AND I'll have to mention your give-away or everyone that knows me will think I am posting pictures of my ex-husband!
No April fool here the Corgi with a treat for me! LOL...

Barb said...

I signed up!!

Would LOVE to win the gardening book!

Going to post your 'monkey' on my blog, but will come back and let you know when i have succeed in that endeavor.

Barbara Jean

PS Thanks for coming by and for the sweet comments. =0))

Stephanie said...

Just started following your blog!!! Yay! Please enter me in your giveaway. I plan to blog about it but I will let you know when it is up :


Chatty Crone said...

Hello. I want to thank you for all your wonderful comments on my Blog. I appreciate it very much.
Sorry I haven't written back sooner but this has been a rough week time wise.
Well, we're both dog lovers. You mention your interest is in the medical field - do you work in the medical field?
I'll need to go back and check some of your earlier Blogs.
I love your Blogs and your pictures by the way.

Angela said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! I'm already a follower and I will post about your giveaway!