Monday, May 4, 2009


I just KNOW you've been wanting to know what projects we completed this past weekend, so I have a couple of snapshots of what is new in OUR neck of the "WOODS"!
It was finally warm enough for plants to start producing, so here's the latest of our 'Poppins'! Click on the pictures to enlarge. The garden areas need to be spruced up a bit, but despite the leaves and other winter blow-ins, the greenery and flowers are showing their faces to anyone close enough for viewing.
For the past several years, we have stored split wood under our deck off the patio area for ease of winter transport to our woodstove, but in cleaning out the landslide and deciding to build a retaining wall to hold back the sand and rocks this spring, we discovered the patio concrete extended around the corner and under the wood pile! Amazing find! So, work began on the retaining wall. We went to the local 'BIG BOX' shop and picked up $36 of treated lumber for Mr. Wonderful's project. Below is the new wall, complete with part of a weekends' worth of cut and stacked wood- and, pictured below THAT, is the REST of the wood we cut and stacked this weekend! We still have one more tree in our immediate yard to cut and split, and several fallen trees out in the woods that need attention. We should have a warm winter in 2009!
The baby chicks are getting big, but not as big as I thought! I figured we could turn them out in the chain link kennel with the bunnies, so they could get used to the great outdoors! It sounded fine in theory - but, Here's a RIDDLE: How is a baby chick like an accordian?? I watched in horror as they first ran about the enclosure, then sucked their feathers in tightly and escaped through the small diamonds of the chain links! I was grabbing chicks right and left, stuffing them back through the holes, and all the while, Mr. Wonderful was standing there with his arms folded, laughing himself silly! I must have looked a sight! I was concerned because the corgis were running rampant, and I didn't want them to have chicken dinners for lunch!!! Finally I grabbed chicks and made Mr. Wonderful hold them - so I could stick them back in their cardboard box!!! THEN I got SMART - I got a wire rabbit cage out, and we put the chicks in it, with feed and water, and let them be outdoors in the CAGE! Much better!!! No more franticly running around retrieving chicks! Talk about AEROBIC EXERCISE!!! Funny, indeed! And here they are - safe from loose Corgi lips!
Have a Wonderful Monday!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Happy Monday to you! I can just see you running after those chicks ala Lucille Ball when her and Ethal decide to raise chicks for "eggs". LOL!
I hope you have a fabulous day and I'm glad you were able to round up all your little chicks. :0)

Barb said...

Oh my. You've been busy.
I know it feels good to get some of those things done.
Will be glad when it quits raining here and we can get out.

Barbara Jean

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

LOL...oh my...the little devils! Squeezing through the fence, the silly things!!!

That is so interesting that you have your own wood to burn!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I love seeing the pictures to what you talk about. The owls. Your hard work on the splitting the wood and your new deck area. Plus those cute little chicks! I think that is a great idea you came up with.

It must have been a funny site seeing you go after those chicks!