Monday, June 29, 2009

Amazing New Friends

Those that know me are aware of my fondness for all furry creatures! I have loved animals since I first realized what they were, and it mattered little what breed or color - I was ENTHRALLED with them ALL! Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue is a non-profit organization dear to my heart, and I have fostered for them as well as supported them with a percentage of the profits from the sales of creations from my etsy shop, ClassyChassy.

Through my love of animals, I have come to meet many interesting people who have adopted various creatures that I have rescued from different situations. Last fall I met a lovely young lady through 2 chinchillas that were ready for re-homing. Amy arrived at our cabin, and just 'glowed' when she met "Ben and Joey"! She had no chinchilla experience, but from talking with her and the woman who accompanied her, I just knew she would pay attention to their every need. She was moving into a new apartment, and loves animals (esp. dogs!), but dogs were not allowed. She got clearance with her landlord to have a small caged pet as a companion, and decided on something fur-fully exotic. She left our woodland paradise with an arsenal of care manuals, feed, bedding, toys, and of course, the 2 chinchillas!
The only thing I knew about her was that she was an animal loving college student, soft spoken, and seemed to have goals set for her life. She has sent me pictures and updates on 'the boys', and only recently graduated from college with a business degree. In her most recent email, the attachment contained information about an upcoming special program that she and a few others would be on. It aired last night and was called "The Other Breakfast Club". And now I know 'the REST of the story'! Watch the short video below, featuring this amazing young lady!


Chatty Crone said...

What an amazing woman! And what the kids would learn if they showed it in school! And how amazing you got to meet her.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

It should be mandatory for each and every teen to watch this before they get their driver's liscence, nationwide!

farmlady said...

Some people have no idea of the aftermath of car accidents. Let's hope this makes folks think about driving more carefully and paying attention on the road.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a sweet girl. The accident may have diminished some of her abilities that once came easily, but it sure didn't take her spirit or her fight or her loving heart!

And what precious Chinchies!

ocmist said...

Amazing young lady, and one that would really appreciate and care about others and anything she was in charge of.

Chinchillas are so soft and beautiful. We had some when I was a kid. My dad brought just about any kind of animal home, much to my Mom's dismay! She didn't mind most of the furry ones, but the reptiles weren't appreciated AT ALL!