Thursday, July 2, 2009

Animal Rescue, and "Name that Weasel" Contest!

Most everyone that follows this blog knows that I adore Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs - and what better proof? I own 4 active girls of my own! In a previous posting, I told about how they came to live with Mr. Wonderful and me, and of course I do show pics of them from time to time. They are my pride and my joy!
Paige - Adopted out in 2008
An animal rescue that remains dear to my heart is Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue. I have supported Lakeshore Welsh Corgi Rescue by fostering, and by donating a portion of the sales from my etsy shop, called ClassyChassy. Lakeshore has helped over 100 dogs find new homes last year, and this year so far, they have rescued around 80 dogs; currently 6 rehabilitated dogs looking for their perfect homes are listed on their website.
See video below, of a dog that was placed a while back - Cody was in a herding instinct test, and passed with flying colors!

With the economy as it is right now, from time to time, I take in small animals for people who have lost their homes and have to move into apartments which at times are not 'pet friendly'. I also have taken in exotics that have not received proper care, which happens when a person buys an animal on a whim- such as a chinchilla I recently re-homed- they think chins can eat rabbit pellets because they cost less and look the same as the pellets that are marketed especially FOR chinchillas; they do not realize that chins have special dietary and vitamin requirements, and even though the food appears the same, it is NOT the same.
My most recent guests? Ferrets needing a new home. The owners lost their jobs in an area that has lost 1/3 of the employers due to plant closings. This was not a small town, by any means! But not many businesses remain - especially any that have to do with the auto industry!
These ferrets were healthy and well taken care of. Their cage was clean and tidy, they had the correct food, no sores or bad teeth - they were friendly and happy! The only problem was that they needed to be gone, ASAP, due to the rental requirements. At times, I recieve a call, creatures just 'show up', or animals are given to me. Other times, I pay a little something to help the owner out of a tight spot. (And the good Lord knows, we've ALL been THERE before.)
Diesel and his side-kick will eventually be re-homed, but I do expect it will take some time, as they are 'exotics'; not many people are willing to give them the love and care that they need. I wish I could keep ALL the critters I come across, but that is impossible.... time-wise, space-wise, and money-wise! But I do help both people and animals where I can, IF I can. And I always do my best to see that they will have a better "tomorrow".

To enter the "Name that Weasel" contest, see Tuesday's post for details, and leave your choice of names! The winner will be announced on Friday!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo dearie. It's so good to read about yr rescue efforts. I was once very active in rescue work, primarily of cats. But it took an awful toll on my heart and my circumstances changed dramatically and I have rescued only 12 in the past six years.

I'm dying to know what name the female ferret will have!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Thanks for sharing dear lady.
Rescue worth is very noble, and needed. I'd love to get involved with corgi rescue. My niece in Florida works with doxies. Three remained in their home!

Chatty Crone said...

I love hearing about your animals and their rescues.

I know you and that you love each and everyone of them.

Must be hard to let them go sometimes.