Friday, July 31, 2009


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Since last week, I have been working on the bathroom, and finally it is completed - except for the floor and base boards. I'm not sure when we will have time to go look for some deals, but the main part of the room is done! What initially inspired me to decide to change the color and theme was the new shower curtain that Mr. Wonderful bought. It made him smile, but it really didn't fit in with how the previous owners had decorated the room. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Below is the print on the shower curtain. You get the basic idea. And here are a couple of "BEFORE" pictures....This next picture shows the top of our medicine cabinet after it was painted and decorations put in place.
Below, you can see the side of the storage cupboard above the stool. I put the vintage sunflower needlework into a prim frame. The candle was rubbed in cinnamon and nutmeg, then placed inside the holder with a shooting star behind it, which I also "beat up" a little after I painted it - then I and touched it up.The Vanity ---And more wall decor on the wall beside the mirror - - -And on the back of the stool is a rustic wood Kleenex box cover. On the short wall ("mother's little helper!") you can see an old plastic model of a bear and her cubs that Mr. Wonderful put together when he was a mere child! So very vintage and woodsy! Fits right in, doesn't it?...A vnitage fishing rod, a sardine crate, a minnow net.... AND - lets not forget the WORM BOX! HURRAY FOR WORMS!!!To all who have chided me on the vintage WORM BOX find - HERE'S YOUR SIGN...:Thanks for visiting with me today, and please click on the names below so you can see what others have been up to this week! Have a great day!


Chatty Crone said...

You go girl. Great bathroom. I like how you changed it and used your worm box.

You did an amazing amount of work - with so much love. Cool.

Angela said...

I really was surprised to see the fishing theme. I love it! I really like your new shower curtain! I also like the fishing pole on the wall. When we vacation in the mountains in WV some of the homes are decorated in the woodsy, fishing, bears theme and I just love it. I've done a little of it in my Little Mans bedroom. I've got to take some pictures! hehehe


farmlady said...

I love this theme. Your bathroom looks great. You've given me some ideas. I need to include some prospecting and fishing things in our bathroom. After all, the prospector uses the bathroom too and even through he never says anything, it could use a few more "guy" things.
Thanks for an inspiring post.

Barb said...

It looks wonderful!!
I love that color of green, and it is decorated sooo cute!!

Have a super day.
Garage sale day so i am off and running.
Gotta squeeze a lot in before i open store at noon.

blessings and thanks for hosting. You are doing a great job!!

Barbara jean

Barb said...

Hey girl. Sorry if i had you worried about not posting, I had it done early on, but no post on your site to load to.

all taken care of now.


PS my friend "Sammy" said she could not get it posted either, but see one of you took care of that.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Mea culpa! Even the worm box looks great! But my favoritest of the plastic bear model yr hubby made when he was just a kiddo!