Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Won a GivEaWaY!

Many thanks to Little Dott and her Corgi Family, who sent the prize I received for winning the giveaway at their Country Corgis blog! Country Corgis is where the DOGS tell the stories - a very entertaining place to visit, for all Corgi - - and any dog lover as well! My book was even autographed by the author, and autographed with an original footprint from Little Dott herself!My 4 corgi girls were so excited when I told them where the package was from...they barely held back their excitement when I removed the contents!!! The OOoooooOOO's and AAAAaaaa's continued as the book came out, but ---WAIT! There's MORE!!! Little Dott also included a bed time treat to go with the bed time story! A package of yummy meaty rawhides from Wagon Train - one for each of my girls! AND - - a cute fleece squeeky bone for one of them to sleep with! Sissy was the one who immediately laid claim to that! She adores soft snuggly things, and the fleece bone was just the thing for her! I believe she might share, but she definately got first dibbs!! (And it helps because she's the OLDEST!) "May the Quickest Corgi WIN!" is HER motto!

Country Corgis also has a store at Cafe Press, which offers a wonderful array of products including Tee shirts for children as well as adults. This little one piece for babies is particularly adorable, and has a photo of Little Dott and her sad sad eyes!
I purchased a print of little Dott and her mama off THIS page on the Lulu website, where you can buy your own personal copy of the book for your children, or your OWN spoiled pups! Drawings created by their artist-mom can be seen there, and are available for purchase for a more than reasonable price. When you view the store sure to tell Dott you visited! A great book - and a wonderful story - for ALL of your 'kids'!

Many thanks again, to Country Corgis, for a sensational prize!


ocmist said...

We are glad to see you liked the package, and thank you for posting the links to Mom's stores.

Dott wanted to add that she has her own CafePress store at:

This shop has T-shirts and other products that say "Friend of Little Dott" on them." She is such a little diva, and as she says "I know the world revolves around me."


^..^Corgidogmama said...

So glad that you won! No one more deserving as you're a terrific corgi mum. Dott the chorgi is so dang cute, and I love that site too.
Would love to see a chorgi in real life!

Angela said...



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a neat prize you got in that book! And the corgis enjoyed prize loot, too, bless their little paws!