Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pay It Forward

A few months ago, I visited Coloradolady's blog where she posted about "Paying it Forward". The first 3 comments left for her that day would receive a package from her, sometime within the next year, containing something handmade!

How perfectly wonderful to be one of the lucky ones! In the mailbox last weekend, I received a large package. I could hardly wait to open it!!! Inside, there were 3 nicely wrapped items, with handmade tags attached, plus a handwritten note! So delightful! Click on the pictures to better view the items within the box!

....some sweet little birds - oh how I love them! They are made of something light - resin perhaps...2 handcrafted magnets created out of quilting fabric to look like flowers....and some wonderful handmade lotion in a small jar - the lid is painted and decorated with buttons and lace and ribbon - every so cute! And SO fun to receive.....

.....but in return, I have to create something wonderful for 3 other lucky bloggers, who will in turn, need to pay it forward to 3 different bloggers chosen in the same manner!

So, who will it be??? Jump aboard the wagon!!! - the first 3 comments to this post will be the recipients of MY "Pay it Forwards"!!! Ready? Set... GO!


Barb said...

I might be among the first 3!!

Sure hope so.

Se you Friday for Get R Done!!

Barbara Jean

Bonnie said...

Pick me! Pick me! Did I make it in time?

April said...

I just received the same package from Coloradolady! Simply made my day! Feel free to bypass me and go straight to the next comment, if you'd like. No hard feelings, at all!

Angela said...

That sure sounds like fun! You can count me in. I'm not sure what I would do but I have lots of little crafty things that I do from time to time. lol


Angela said...
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ClassyChassy said...

So, now I have the lucky winners!!!
#1 is Barb
#2 is Bonnie
#3 is Angela (since April "passed" on it, being a previous winner)
Congratulations, ladies!!! While you are waiting for your handcrafted surprise to arrive, get busy planning for what YOU will send YOUR lucky recipients!