Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seeing RED!

The bathroom re-decorating has changed from fun to FRUSTRATING for Mr. Wonderful. In preparation for my GET R DONE FRIDAY post this week, here are a couple of pictures showing the floor where the toilet was removed to install a new sub floor and the Congoleum we picked out.
The floor was dark from moisture and mold, and should have been replaced before the previous owners put down the pink ceramic tile. There is a pedestal-like pipe that should have been screwed into the wood floor, to support the toilet, and to guide/connect the plumbing underneath the stool. Come to find out, because they took a short cut decision to NOT install new wood, it could not be secured into the floor. so the guy cut a larger hole and then used hose clamps, like you would use to connect the hoses to the motor in your car, to connect things to the plumbing below! He GOT R DONE - but not the right and SAFE way! Someone, sometime, could have had a ride unlike any other ride, right to the basement! Wheeeeeee! And, to think the previous owner was a licensed PLUMBER!!! HURRAY!! WAY TO GOOOOOO!
Mr. Wonderful had to rip the old flooring out, install new, plus new sub floor, before he could finish the new vinyl flooring installation. He was blessed with mechanical abilities as well as construction, DEstruction, AND good taste (he married ME, didn't he??)! We are thankful every day for God's gifts to him - it has saved a lot of money not having to hire someone to GET R DONE most of the time. This man is truly amazing!

Friday I will be able to show you the completed flooring, but I'm not sure about the baseboards yet. We purchased some white oak boards from a roadside pile at a fella's place in Fremont, Michigan. They were wet from recent downpours, and needed dry time. They are very rustic, and will look great once they are cut to size, stained, and installed. That may be a story for another time.


Brenda said...

That is a job my husband would not have gone near with a ten foot pole. Much less touched it! So you must be glad he's willing to get his hands dirty. The things people are willing to do amaze me, when it comes to remodeling in such a non-professional manner, as the plumber owner you mentioned did. This is the second house I've owned that I found out someone hooked up the wiring to lighting incorrectly. And the first one caused me to have a fire in a snow storm and be without heat and a big hole in my roof!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

We are 2 lucky ladies, we both have DH whom God blessed with common scents and the ability to GET R DONE. I showed this to my DH and he just shook his head and said..."well as I always said "not all plumbers are real plumbers, they just talk a good talk." he won't let a plumber or carpenter near our house or any other repairman, since he can do it all. He really would rather install our flooring himself but a fractured disk in his neck won't let him...lol..I feel sorry for the men doing the work cause he will be breathing down their necks. I hope they just tell him to get out of the way....lol..
Can't wait to see finished floors when you get them done.

farmlady said...

I too have a very handy, amazing husband who can figure things out and seems to know how to fix anything. We did this kind of repair years ago on my grandma's old house so I know what a lot of work it is.Can't wait to see the "finished" photos.

Glad no one fell into the basement.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You know how they say the cobbler's kids have no shoes...I bet plumbers are so sick of rotted wood and icky smells that they are very naughty about their own repairs...but really, that was just plain DANGEROUS of a jerry-rigged job!

LV said...

I am sure it will be worth all the frustration you have been through when the bathroom is finished. You are lucky to have such a handy many for a husband.

Barb said...

it's always something isn't it. Just seems to be how life is.

look forward to seeing whatever you have done on Friday, and hope thngs go better for your fella.

Barbara Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Love the joke - isn't it the truth? Everything is bad for you that's fun.

My gosh what a job that looks like. I know we couldn't even attempt it here.

Way to go Bob.


Oh my....
And hubby has no one to blame(giggle...giggle) but YOU my dear...you surely have opened up a can of worms here my dear!
Giggle...see what happens when you call it a worm can...lol...you'd both be smiling IF it were a clown denture box...
I say you leave the mess for a day...and go to have some fun!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I do believe that your man is aptly named....Mr. Wonderful, indeed!

That plumber should be hosed!