Thursday, September 3, 2009


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Remember the corn stove hearth Mr. Wonderful started working on a couple weeks ago? It went from the picture above, to the picture below:...To the picture below:...To the picture BELOW!A hardwood edge board will be placed around the bottom, but the wood we chose needs to age another couple of weeks before it can be used.

A week ago, Bizzy Bird, my little canary, had a ride on the DEMON DROP - his cage fell from the ceiling. Bizzy has been in a rehab cage - he couldn't fly up to any perch, so I put all of his needful things close to the cage floor, within easy reach. His plastic cage bottom cracked beyond repair, so I found him a new used one, with a floor stand, and this week he is in therapy. I raised the perches to a level he can now fly and hop to, and he has progressed to using the swing! Hurray, Bizzy! For the last half of today's GET R DONE, I've been busy working on Bizzy's new home. This cage has no seed guard, so I created a Make-Do seed guard out of calico cotton fabric - see the picture below.Bizzy is "styling!"

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

All your projects are looking out terrific...and how nice, that the firebox will be all ready in time to enjoy some heat as the nights get cooler.
Jim was in Grand Rapids today, picking up a load! He drove through Muskegon/Holland, and was heading towards Terre Haute!

Barb said...

that turned out sooo nice.
poor birdy!
Glad it is OK.
cute guard around her cage. I'll need to remember that.
i have 7 cages!!
Well, no birds, so no problem. =0)


barbara jean

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

I bet you are exciting about this project almost done. Poor birdie, sounds like he is doing better.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Poor ol' Bizzy. But the new cage looks very nice, especially the touch you added to keep the seeds corralled.

Does that stove burn CORN or is that just the name of the type of design? Sure looks nice.

Chatty Crone said...

Well Mr. Wonderful did a wonderful job on your corn furnace and area -as usual.

Glad Bizzy is doing okay now and love his cage. Especailly the bow.

Good morning.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello and thank you so much for visiting me at my blog... first off, I LOVE your Corgi... what a doll! Bizzy is precious too, and I am so happy Bizzy is recovering... kisses to both of them... What a coincidence too... "Classy Chassis" (spelled a little different from yours) is my favorite Beauty Supply store here... I was just in there yesterday! Your new fireplace looks beautiful... it is that time of year coming up, a big cup of coffee... Romantic Country magazine... sitting by a fire... Bisous... Julie Marie

Angela said...

Your Mr. Wonderful sure did a fantastic job on your corn stove! It really looks good!

Poor Bizzy! I'm glad he is feeling better! I love what you did with his new cage too!

Get R Done!!!

SmilingSally said...

Poor Bizzy; I'm glad that he has you to help him rehab.

Your fireplace will bring you much joy and warmth!

ocmist said...

Your stove is really great looking! You and Mr. W. have done such a wonderful job getting it all done so nicely!

It wasn't exactly Friday, and I didn't help much, but we FINALLY got the waterline fixed! NOW, I've got almost 9 months of deep cleaning to do around here... It's so hard to do much without water!

Also glad to hear that poor Bizzy is doing well!. Linda


Catching up the new cage! How creative of you!
A new home tweet home for bizzy!