Monday, September 28, 2009


Are you working on any projects? Hope you will take pictures of them, so you can post them here on GET R DONE FRIDAY this week! This is what Mr. Wonderful worked on all weekend.
How about taking a peek at the ideas of these industrious individuals who also were able to Get R done? Enjoy, and hope it will bring you some smiles!These images are courtesy of (visit that link for more funnies!), with the exception of the last photo - I forget where he came from, but I saved the picture of his adorable indiscretion, thinking it was the guilt-riddled look of the century! I would give credit, but I just don't recall where it came from!
Have a great Monday!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Was this your new coop for the girls?

texasdaisey said...

I loved your post! LOL. I even belly laughed. What hilarious pictures of Get er done!

Angela said...

I hope Mr. Wonderful was able to get your new coop finished for the girls! It is getting cold!

Those sure are some funny get r done projects! lol My boy seen the last picture and said "Whose messy house is that?" lol I said it was ours! It looks like what he does to my living room floor everyday! hehehe


Barb said...

Too cute post!

Love those creative individuals who fix things like i do. =0))

I'm working on new projects for Friday.
Also making progress on the new room at the store.
Floors get one more coat of paint.=0)
Will have a bit of help tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for coming by

barbara jean

Chatty Crone said...

Wonder how much trouble that poor doggie was in?