Thursday, November 5, 2009

GET R DONE - Like it or not - THE ANSWER

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My "GET R DONE" this week has been revolving around our wetlands. The past few days I have spent on the internet and on the phones, corresponding with various individuals about the hows and whys that our lovely wetland was drained. Thursday afternoon, I took 'the dog of the day', Dixie Doodles, down our lane to check the mail. I collected our letters from the mailbox, and as I turned around, what do I see? The County Road Commissioner's big black truck! Here, Dixie is seen doing her impersonation of the Road Commissioner - a big Weenie smoking a SEE-GAR!
Anyways, I asked what led them to decide to put the culverts in place, explaining I was aware they had obtained no permit for the work they performed, and this could be a violation of protected wetlands. He puffed up, and his sidekick puffed up too. He explained that they have lived down the road from us for over 30 years, when this street was a mere 2-track with 3 one-lane bridges going over different areas of the road, one of them over 'said culvert'. And, don'tchaknow, it cost over $128,000 way back when to build this here said road, including said culverts. The side kick stated how his great grand parents owned the property our house now stands on, including the area above and below, and to the north corner of ...such and such marker, etc....
I kind of lost focus for a bit while they were chawing the fat with each other. But, he claims someone phoned about a hole in the road. When he and his crew came out to inspect, their findings confirmed that an old culvert had begun disintegrating, so it must be repaired, because the road edges have started to wobble a bit, and they didn't want the integrity to suffer, as it would later cost much more to repair than what it would today. I asked what the old culvert was made of - - concrete, he said. The new ones would give and take better - they are made of PVC and should last much longer. Swell.
What it boiled down to is this: It NEVER WAS a wetlands 30 years ago. It was a muck hole. A useless piece of ground no one could build on. It would not perk, nothing else can be done to it. If WE fill it up with sand or what not, WE would be going against the DEQ, and they would get the DRAIN COMMISSIONER involved, and this would cost our pocket book dearly. No one wants to get the DRAIN COMMISSIONER involved, "believe you me, missy! Huh Huh HUH!"
Furthermore, he stated that he can do most anything he needs to from 33 feet from the center of the road, both sides of the street. And, if it changes the land PAST where he has ordered work performed, then "that's not my problem". Yep, my question was answered. Bureaucratic Bullshit.
But still, it seems, that when looking at a project like repairing culverts (either real or imaginary ones!), they should be responsible for keeping the landowner's property in the same condition (or better than) it was in before, as when they are completed with their work.
NOT like THIS!
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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Merdie and I took khare of Unkhle Paul as he rekhovers from his spinal fusion on 10/22!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says we probably khan't do all of the stuff associated with the linking but stopped by to inkhlude this!

ocmist said...

Don't you just HATE bureaucratic crap! As you know, we have a waterline that runs a mile and a half and when we talked to the water company, they said there weren't enough places out here for them to run a waterline, but if we chose to put in an 8 inch metal line (at the cost of over $850,000) then they would be happy to take over the maintenance of it... etc. and move our meter closer... YEAH RIGHT!!! That is to bad about your area getting messed up though, and totally unfair, but like an old teacher I used to work with used to say, "The only Fair comes in Sept. and you have to PAY to get in..."

Angela said...

The pictures of those frogs are amazing! I'm sure I haven't seen one of those but then again who knows if I've seen one of those!

Sounds like your road crew is just like the ones here in WV! Just some good ole boys..... When we moved here 14 years ago we were told they were going to replace a low water bridge that floods every time it rains within a couple of months after we move in. A couple months goes by and I called to see when they were going to be putting in the new bridge. I got my answer. This man said I used to live on that road when he was a kid and it is better than it was then. He also said that it's always going to be like that. I finally got someone higher up than him to take on the project and then I had the land owners that didn't want a new bridge to be built there. They went to a even higher up who was a Senator and got my bridge stopped. They had the money to do it and the plans had already been drawn up! One of the land owners actually pulled a gun out and made them leave from his land! That was a good 10 years ago and I'm still fired up over that!

Get R Done Friday!

Knitty said...

You just know that if it was something they personally cared about, the rules would be broken in a nanosecond.

I can take being disappointed by a decision that goes against me, but I'd like to feel I had been heard, my points considered, and that the experience didn't stink.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Gov't blah, blah, blah....
love the pictures! A nice distraction from the two guys chatter....he hee!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

ugh. i'm so sorry, I just hate politics! Those are some really cool pictures though!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'm glad Dixie didn't snarl at them, because they sound like the type to have put her in doggie jail...


Ugh!!! Politics..HATE IT! A few yearsago someone wanted to for profit of course build a house (squeeze it in" on the lot next to me. Going to all the county board meeting was such a joke...I fought tooth and nail! The idiot contractor fighting to do it was NEVER ready on time or late...or had issues,or had lost or forgot to get paperwork! If the board allowed him to build he would have had to pretty much run all over my property to get this house built. I finally got up at the board meeting...pretty much ptold my story of owning this bungalow since I was 19, my Dad helped me buy it...I have fought to keep the integrity of has been standing here for over 100 years..AND you DEAR BOARD MEMBERS (politicians) are going to let this idiot that can't get to a meeting on time with what he needs? YOU all are going to let him lose with a bulldozer? I told the board...IF you approve this idiots permits...that you had better plan on approving mine when indeed I take my little bungalow AND move her outa this county! Well...the idiot was NOT allowed permits...and a few of the board members pulled me aside after and told me...YOU should really consider running for this board...I had to laugh...I was qualified I much a screaming idiot!


Ugh...I can not make the link back to you work...but my post is up and link here is working!

Chatty Crone said...

Well, an answer, but a horrible one. I am so sorry.

You should have let Dixie go at him!

Neabear said...

I am glad I don't have to deal with that kind of stuff at the moment. Keep my life simple and I am happy. Hope you are having a great Friday!

Angela said...

Hey Monica!

Just stopping by to say you were one of the winners of my giveaway! Please take a looksie at my blog to see what you have won!


Barbara Jean said...

ooh. You had a good turnout the week i was gone.
It's growing.
Great job hosting!!



Anonymous said...

You were not mistaken