Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking for Answers

I have gotten some good advice from one blogger after posting about the loss of our wetland. Document, document, document! And, register letters I send out to various county offices and any other contacts, so they cannot say 'I never knew about that/never said that' and whatever else they can dream up! Sound advice, coming from a party who had worked in a lawyer office - thank you!!!

Yesterday I was able to contact someone concerning permits issued in our county. Surprise surprise. No permit was issued for work to be done near our wetland. There was a permit issued for repair of a culvert out on the west end of our road, down by Cedar Creek, but nothing on the east section. The secretary did tell me that no permit would be required if repair was done to an existing culvert - perhaps there was something hidden or buried years ago that needed to be replaced or cleaned out....As I only know what I have seen since we bought this property 5 years ago, and from talking to a neighbor who dug his own trench to divert water pooling in his pastureland, there appears to have been no culvert anywhere near where they put in the tubes last weekend. This morning I made a call to the county road commission to see if I can gain some insight as to why they drained the water home of my creature friends....and as always "...We'll give him the message, and ask him to contact you...."


Chatty Crone said...

What great advice to document and send registered letters.

Can you call a television station and bring attention to it that way to get answers? Newspaper?

Freya's Human said...

Call again and again and if need be, show up! Never let them push you around and if you have to call in a conservation group to add more fuel to the fire.

Elizabeth said...

Always with the runaround from the beaurocrats! Love the way you used the photo of the eye on the tree.