Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to Basics - Faux Fur Fashions

Most "Faux" fur jackets, coats, or trims on these articles of clothing is just precisely that - fake fur. Sometimes it is called FUN FUR - as it can be dyed in hot pink or electric blue colors, enhanced with glitter and jewels, or even crimped and curled! But some of these furs just must might be made from dogs, cats, and Raccoon Dogs that live and die in China, in horrid conditions.

Because of a loophole in Federal Fur Products Labeling Act, unsuspecting people believing they are being kind to animals by buying only faux fur are actually wearing a cuddly dog around their shoulders. The Humane Society conducted investigations and claim that many retail stores, such as Burlington Coat Factory and Loehmann's, have falsely advertised real fur as fake fur. To get that fur, do not simple mindedly think that the animals are thoroughly brushed each day, the fur carded and collected, and harmlessly processed into fibers to be stitched into coats. These creatures are China raised, in small cages until their pelts reach a proper size, and some are even skinned while yet living. That fur once had a face! It is truly unimaginable to an animal lover, and horrifying what humans are capable of doing for money.
Here is a link to a CBS Los Angeles news report. It shows nothing horribly graphic, but does include scenes in stores where employees are questioned, photos of the Raccoon Dogs (which I have never seen nor heard of) and also explains how to tell real from faux fur, for those who are unsure of what they are purchasing. The Labeling Act says that if the fur on a garment does not meet a certain percentage, it does not have to be listed on the clothing label. But as you will see, some of the labels definitely say "Faux Fur" on them, when REAL is the only way to describe it.

One way to stop this practice is to be aware, and not to buy products made with real fur. If there are no demands for a product, there will be no point in continuing to produce it. There are plans in the works to introduce a law to require manufacturers to identify any amount of real fur when it is used in garment assembly and manufacturing. There's nothing wrong with synthetics. They can be just as warm and stylish. Be aware and be a friend to animals.


Carmen C. said...

That is dispicABLE and those that do that should be skinned alive for torturing those poor defensless animals!!!

LV said...

Thank you for an interesting post and keeping us aware of something we should never forget. I am not a fur person when it comes to cloths. I do have one or two coats with faux fur trim.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Seems every single nation is somehow involved in the immoral mistreatment of animals. It's crazy!

Angela said...

Oh my gosh! That is something I had never thought about! Thank God I don't have any kind of fur on any of my clothes. I'll be sure to not ever buy anything with fur on it at all!

Troy said...

Sometimes I read a blog post and it just leaves me with absolutely nothing to say. Nothing that a gentleman would say anyway.

Barbara Jean said...

This is horrible!!

I cannot even imagine.
I'm glad i do not wear fur of any kind.
Thanks for the heads up for htose who do.

barbara jean
PS sure enjoy when you have come to visit.
I think another flower like what i did but smaller would be great on the purse. I agree that one is to big, but do love the creams together.
Thanks for the input. =))

Chatty Crone said...


I have no furs but how horrible that is - I cna't believe it!