Monday, January 18, 2010

One More Nail in Our Coffin

Spring will be here before we know it...and time to advertise the wonderful Chicken Palaces that Mr. Wonderful will be building soon. Last weekend, we visited various "Big Box Stores" to browse for new hinges, screws, vents, and insulation, as well as other supplies that he will be needing. You never know what NEW products will appear, to make construction life easier!

We walked down the fastener aisles in these stores to see what they had as far as screws went. There are so many different kinds - long screws, short screws, stainless, decking, GREEN screws - you name it! BUT - - we were looking for something "different" - something made in the USA. Last fall, Mr. Wonderful had a difficult time with these handy little fasteners....It seemed that 3 out of every 10 screws that he began to install either stripped out, bent, or broke. I examined the box - - "Made in China". OKAY. American Companies - how about making nails and screws in AMERICA? Yes, we have a lot of regulations, but for good reason! We like our products to be safe, and to work as designed. It might be cheaper to have products made overseas, but when they break, bend, or strip out, its not only frustrating, it is a time waster, and makes the items we construct less safe, and of lesser quality!
We have not yet succeeded in finding USA made screws in the stores we visited last weekend. We DID, however, find NAILS made in the USA, in a very tiny area towards the end of the fastener aisle at Lowe's. We will keep up our search for other USA made items. It is hard work to find the things we need, but as I've said before, YOU ARE HERE! So buy American! Keep our jobs at HOME!


Carmen C. said...

I totally agree, nails, screws and everything else can be made right HERE in America!!!! Those are some beautiful homes for chickens, my gosh even my bunnies would like those for a playhouse, LOL!!!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Those are some condo chicken houses!!!

Hey - - - I think the REAL secret of getting the smell out of the towels is simply the part where we let them soak in vinegar water.

I USED to soak them in laundry soap with vinegar as an additive - - - that didn't do the trick. But NOW - - - since your post - - - I soak in hot water with about 3 (or more) cups of vinegar, then after they spin out, wash with detergent and color safe bleach. NO MORE SMELL. Even the time I did use (less, but still used) softener.

THANK YOU for the idea of soaking them pre-wash!!!!!!!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said... American made!
USA proud at Lakewood,

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Those hen houses are just outstanding. Folks want their own eggs now, including my daughter in Chapel Hill. She needs to look at your houses...before she decides to start a coop. Mr. Wonderful has come up with a fantastic design, so pleasing to the eye!!!!
Your hens must be totally content in such luxury!
Of course, American made is the ONLY way to go...people unite, and buy only, what is truly made here, by us!
It's the only way this economy will ever get better!

Gayle said...

You are so right about having a hard time finding things madein the USA.I have a coupple of sites you might find some of the things you're looking for. They are,, and because Ilive in Michigan,

Angela said...

This is just crazy! We need to start complaining to the managers of the stores! I want to buy things made in the USA only! Those look like some good places that Gayle gave links to! I'll take a look at them!