Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow, Piles, and Other Wintertime Fun

This year we've seemed to have such a long winter! I am SO READY for SPRING!!! Especially when I visit your blogs and see dandylions, green grass peeking out, and sunshine in the photos you share. Yep, I'm jealous, but it brings me some hope that soon our skies will be blue again soon! The only thing blue here lately has been my mood....and some of the eggs my hens have been producing!
We're still getting one huge egg every day or two - and did I tell you - I think I've tracked down the one WHO DUNN IT? Henrietta, the Black Astralorp hen named by my sister - that's the CULPRIT! I don't have an egg container with compartments large enough to hold those large eggs - they're big as duck eggs, yes indeed! I have to use em up quick, or put em in a measuring cup so they don't break before I'm ready to do some baking! Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. I AM worried, though, that Henrietta will have a "Prolapse" - - - I don't relish treating a hen with Preparation H.....Good Grief!
Prolapse in hens can happen when they lay such large eggs, and Preparation H is one of the few recommended treatments, lest the other hens in the flock spy the poor bird's troubles and pick on her, to Lord knows what "bad end". I've seen her straining and looking like she was trying to squeeze her cheeks - and her poor fluffy chicken butt has me concerned when she walks across the pen and stalls out for a moment before heading for the feeder.
I do believe Black Astralorps are designed to produce XL eggies, as they are a rather heavy and meaty looking bird themselves, but I watch out for her because I'm more used to the size of the other eggies the rest of the flock produces. Henrietta is the black hen on the roost, but notice Priscella's expression - she don't cotton to any mention of Preparation H! I don't reckon I care to pursue the matter myself!


ocmist said...

You are so funny! I can just see you trying to put Prep H... Poor thing... Must feel like when I had my second son. He was 10 lbs 10 oz. and they had 51 babies born that night (April 1st). He almost won the biggest baby, but a girl was born that weighed 11 lbs.

Aren't those bluish greenish eggs from black chickens too... Aren't they supposed to be lower in cholesterol than other eggs? Your bunch of eggs look SO GOOD! Much richer than the ones they sell at the stores!

Well, hope you aren't in the path of the new storm that is going through! Catch ya later! Linda

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

poor Henrietta, I hurt just thinking about having to crap an egg that sure and have the Preparation on hand just in case.

April said...

I always learn so much everytime I visit you...THANK YOU! Poor little Henrietta...I really feel for that gal!:)

Joyce said...

I am with you about the snow. Spring will be here soon and I cannot wait. We go from snow to mud and back to snow.

I did not know about PrepH and hens. Are the eggs double yoked?

Love and Hugs,
Joyce Creation In Progress

Angela said...

Oh my Henrietta! She needs to quit laying such large eggs so she doesn't have to have some medical attention! Are they all double yolkers? With that size they should be or even a triple yolker!

I too can't wait for Spring! I just hope that it isn't a wet Spring!


LV said...

What a story. I have been here for ever and I have never heard of anyone even thinking of sing PreH on a chicken. Maybe you are feeding her too much.

Chatty Crone said...

That poor hen - ouch! I agree with Molly! Sandie

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Prep Henrietta...
oh dear, oh dear.
Must share this with my daughter if she gets her own coop and hens as she talks about. She's in the medical field...but not sure she'd go "that" far!

Simply LOVE your kilted corgi and rainbow. What a wonderful header!!!

gleenn said...

lovely hens, haha! they look very pretty. great post, girl :)

perhaps you'd like to win some fancy accessories? we have a contest going :)

have a great weekend!

Mountain Mama said...

Hello, I found you at Angela's. I think Corgi's are cute but I have Yorkies.
Your Henrietta is a super chick! I have had chickens but none ever left an egg that size.

I read about your experience with the biscuit eating Llama too and I agree with it's owner, You are one brave lady!
I've enjoyed my visit and will return.