Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesdays' Show and Tail

It's time for Tuesdays' Show & Tail'! Please visit our host, Angela, at West Virginia Treasures! If you have a cute story and picture of a pet, or any furry (or non-furry) friend, you are welcome to join in! Check her blog for the rules, post away - and thanks, Angela, for being a great hostess!
As many of you know, I've owned many unforgettable animals throughout my life. One of them was "Target". The dog pictured above is a "reasonable facsimile" of Target - I don't have a picture of her in my collection. My X-husband brought her home, the runt of a litter, and no one wanted her. We soon discovered why.

I do not recall her actual "given" name, but Target is the name I called her by. She had a large circular spot on her side, just begging to be utilized. She had no 'sense' at all - when out for walks, she would run right under foot and trip interest in the sights and scents of nature. My X always thought he "needed" a dog to hunt with, and our past was littered with the rejected canines of REAL huntsmen. Target was one of the many.

She was very petite and cute, but I soon began to dislike her immensely. She could not be housebroken - she was a very dirty dog. I've had great success housebreaking many a dog with several methods and combination of methods I use. But as much as I tried, nothing worked with Target. As she grew, she only seemed interested in becoming a lap dog of sorts - she did not want to work birds or go out on her own, which proved dangerous for anyone carrying a loaded gun - ya ain't gunna wanna trip on yer dawg!

I finally succeeded in talking my X into rehoming Target. I often wondered if she was oxygen deprived before birth.But whatever the reason, with my frayed nerves every time I looked at her, it wasn't in her best interest to keep on with her training. We sent her "down the road", Godspeed!

Have a Dandy Day!


Chatty Crone said...

We had one named Scrappy Doo - just like Target. AWFUL!

Angela said...

Sounds like Target wasn't a good dog to have around even if it couldn't hunt! I wouldn't have wanted to get it either. I wonder if it did have something to do with being the runt.

Thanks for sharing such in interesting story about Target. I think maybe Target was trying to break you!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

ocmist said...

I hope that Target found a good place for her... probably as an outside, non-hunting dog! I don't know that I could have handled one that I couldn't house train either! That's one thing that totally bugged me about Doug (that full male corgi we fostered that became the pup's Dad). He marked EVERYTHING, and just got sneaky about it instead of learning to go outside. GRRRR!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a dog who refused to be housebroken too. To this day I think it was intentional because she just liked to see me get angry. I think this was her way of being in charge. She knew it was wrong because she would spend forever looking for a place to "hide" it, and then sit back and smirk when I discovered it. We, too, rehomed her with the most wonderful older couple who spent the entire day just walking her outside and loved it and her.