Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tuesday Trivia Tie--In - Souvenirs of the Past

Today I'm joining in Tuesday Trivia Tie-In, with Troy at his blog called I Refuse to Recede.

Vacationers from years past have had fun looking through Souvenir Shops wherever they have traveled. They scoured high and low for just the perfect thing to take home with them to remind them of their stays in various resorts or state parks. Souvenir Shops catered to almost everyone's tastes and tried to offer a variety of goods to catch the tourists eye.
One thing I recall seeing as a child were pictures that were decoupaged onto slices of trees. The trees might be from the locale, and most were stamped on the reverse side of the wood to say where it came from or who created it.
This one boasts itself as One of a Kind, and it would be hard to find one similar, as Avers Gift Shop has long been gone. I wonder if Algonac Michigan is still on the map? Should check that out! These tree slices often had Bible verses or cute sayings preserved onto the wood to fit special nooks in the home - Kitchen sayings were popular - "No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best!" is one I recall - Grandma Agnes had that little ditty hanging on the side of a cupboard in HER kitchen!

Another popular item in Souvenir Shops - figurines like this one.
On the bottom front it says "Yellowstone". The bear cub is cute and different. Most of the chalk-ware figures I've seen from Yellowstone were full grown bears looking very ferocious! Who would be frightened of this little guy? And bear cubs are so cute!
These were molded and stained to bring to mind carved wood. They did the job back then, but nowadays the molded plastics manufactured can look SO REALISTIC, you have to look twice to see if it is really carved wood or imitation! The vintage fake carved wood is so collectible because it is Chalk-ware - and we are seldom fooled by Chalk-ware! We love it because of what it is!


LV said...

I have seen and well remember all the things you featured today. Just never kept of of the ones I picked up through the years.

Sherrie said...

I've seen the tree souvenirs, I've even had a few from time to time. That little bear is cute! Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Manang Kim said...

Yes, Alcognac, MI is still on the map, it's close to the water facing Canada. Been there but I heard the names place. That is a lovely pieces you've got. Thanks for sharing.

VTT~Old cash register

Stephanie said...

Who can resist a souvenir, and they mean so much when you can remember the trip and all the (hopefully) good times!
Peace, Stephanie

Postcardy said...

I used to love souvenir shops when I was young even though I usually couldn't buy anything. Now I like collecting postcards of those vintage souvenir shops.

P. said...

I have lots of good memories from souvenir shops on our travels. Just have the memories, not the stuff that came from them anymore. :) These are very sweet!

Elizabeth said...

I remember artwork decoupaged onto tree slices!

Vintage Whimsy said...

I collect vintage souvenir plates! I try to impose limits on myself now though & only buy ones for places I've actually been too! Thanks for sharing your collection!

farmlady said...

I wish I had saved all the little souvenirs that I collected as a child.
I remember the pieces of tree slices and I know I had a few from different places.
Thanks for some good memories.

Coloradolady said...

These are great reminders of souvenirs I remember from the bear, he is so cute!! Have a great VTT!

Angela said...

I have seen those souvenirs recently at several places recently! They are always fun to look at. I'll have to say you just gave me a craft idea for the kids!


Troy said...

When I was 5 years old, we went to Bryce and Grand Canyons on a family vacation. That was an adventure! The 5 of us, plus 3 cousins all in the back of a pickup truck with a canopy shell on it. But thats another story for another day,

My mom got a tree slice that said
"I Thank God for dirty dishes,
They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
We're eating very well."

I think she still has it hanging in her kitchen.

And we have a tree slice from Yellowstone with a thermometer on it hanging in our camper .

It wasn't easy to find though, most of the stuff in souvenir shops now is plastic.

Chatty Crone said...

I love to go to Souvenir Shops! I go in and see all the little stuff I can buy - for the kids and my friends. Of course I have a money limit - lol. I have seen those tree slices too! sandie

ocmist said...

These types of things are really neat to see again. I've always loved natural things... rocks, wood, etc. I have a large clock of a sliced piece of wood and a large picture of Christ decoupaged as the centerpiece of my family's pics in the Living room.

My Dad used to make beautiful lamps out of driftwood.

Joycee said...

You are so right, the souvenirs were so unique years ago. I have lots of chalkware that Grandma collected!

Troy said...

Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Trivia Tie-in this week. I wish I had a fancy Tuesday Trivia Tie-in souvenir for you.

A backscratcher or a miniature spoon. Maybe a coffee mug... who knows? the possibilities are endless.