Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Version of a Childhood Game of Statues

I remember playing "Statues" as a child. There were 2 ways to play it. A person starts out as the "curator" and stands at the end of a field. Everyone else playing stands at the far end (distance depends upon playing area selected). The object of the game is for a "Statue" to tag the Curator, thereby becoming the Curator and resetting the game. The Curator turns their back to the field, and the "Statues" attempt to race across and tag the Curator. Whenever the Curator turns around, the Statues must freeze in position and hold that for as long as the Curator looks at them. The Curator can even walk around the Statues, examining them. However, the Curator needs to be careful - whenever their back is turned, Statues are free to move. If a Statue is caught moving, they are sent back to the starting line to begin again (or thrown out of that round, whichever way is preferred.) Usually, the honesty of the Curator isn't an issue - it's more fun to be a Statue anyway.

The second way is for the Curator to take the hand of each participant and spin them around to make them dizzy. While the person is getting "spun", they try to think of a pose to "freeze" into that will give a hint of an activity being performed that must be correctly guessed by the Curator - such as digging a hole, or dancing the ballet. We enjoyed this version as much as the original version above, and even more so, as it offered more creativity.

These days, I have another version of the Statue game - I've been learning the ins and outs of vintage and antique restoration. There are very few people that are able to do this kind of work, and my mother has been one of them. She restored the entire collection of statues at her church - large and live-sized statues. Some had porcelain eyes that seem so real they could cry! She's done amazing work and even had statues shipped to her from northern Michigan. So, it's only fitting I should learn from the best! Last weeks' statue was Baby Jesus.
Luckily, the owner saved as much of the broken pieces as she could, but missing fingers and toes present a challenge, as they have to be molded, sometimes in a curved position, as this statue here was needing. Note the wires that held the original fingers in position. These two angel figurines accompanied the infant. The owner requested some 'brightening up" on them, but I could only bring myself to touch up some chippy paint. The vintage appeal would be lost, as well as some of the value, if too much was changed.
Here are some pictures of the statues when I was finished with them.

On the back of Baby Jesus was penciled in the price of $3.50. To us that believe, His value is greater by far! After all, His death paid the price, in FULL, for our sins.

Blessings today and Always -


Whosyergurl said...

YOU CRACK ME UP..."it is true, an egg has to be out of the chicken at least a week!" ha.
wow...the statue work is lovely and I had forgotten that old childhood game. Yes, we played, too.
YAY! for me...first comment! whooohooo!
Hoosier hugs,

Rory said...

Hi Monica, I have had great success in repairing gesso by mixing a combination of water, plaster of paris, and yellow glue. When dry it becomes "carvable" with either a razor knife or dremel tool. It can be sanded pretty smoothly. I then coat it with shellac to make it even smoother and to make the surface more easily painted. I use this method for restoring victorian gesso picture frames when I don't want to go to the trouble of building a latex mold. There are other ways to do it, but I thought I would share mine with you and your mom. Rory

Together We Save said...

Wow - you did an amazing job and your message is so true!!

Angela said...

Hey Monica!

I can't say that I have ever played the Statue Game before. It does sound like fun though for kids to play!

Baby Jesus sure looked sad before you fixed him all up. Is it just me or does the Baby Jesus look like he is smiling! You did a fantastic job! I didn't know things could be repared like that. Incredible!

Hope you have a Blessed Day!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Fantastic work, how great to learn how to save these old treasures.

ocmist said...

I remember the "Statue" game, but now I have sort of bad dreams about it because I watched a stupid TV program called Dr. Who that had evil angel statues that killed people. I only watched a little bit before turning it, but EWWWWW!!!

Your work is awesome! I wouldn't have the vaguest idea on how to make the stuff that you did to put it back together again even with the explanation of Rory. I can do things from clay, but had never thought about something like this.

I loved your last thought, too!

Chatty Crone said...

I remember the statue game - my GS plays it at school.

What a wonderful craft to learn from your mom. Complicated though.

Hope you have a good night.

Diann said...

Hi Monica!

Yup, I remember playing that game. We played it the first way you talked about.

Wow, what a wonderful talent you got from your mom! It's an area I have never delved into. Now I know someone who can restore these things! :)

Janet, said...

We played a game something like that, but it was a little different. One person grabbed hold of your arm and swung you around and around and then let go of you. Ever how you landed you had to stay that way. . . like a statue. It was kind of comical some of the ways we landed. You did a great job on Baby Jesus.