Sunday, May 2, 2010

CoOpS FeR sALe!

These past couple of weeks has been pretty hectic for Mr. Wonderful. He got a great response from the chicken coop ads I've been placing. Finally he got caught up and has one more to build, but we can start taking new orders now. The picture above is the coop we delivered yesterday to a couple that lives nearly 2 hrs. drive from our location in Michigan.
We advertise fully assembled coops, ready for the buyer to paint or decorate any way they wish. Heck, that's the fun part anyways! This family ordered 2 coops - one for meat birds, and the other for laying hens. The pictures here are what they are doing to finish the first coop to their tastes - I think it will look great when the coops are completed!
They placed an order for "heritage" chickens, on the endangered list, to add to their farming experience. As we talked with them, they spoke of their hard work to become "Organic Certified" with their farm, and all of the road blocks to obtaining certification. And there are many! Sometimes it seems that the government is against anyone wanting to be self sustaining, and against the small farmer in general. Big Business is what pays - taxes to the government, and maybe even money to put towards keeping someone in office. We don't know much about that, because we're only one of the little guys! And the prospective Organic Farmers? They've not given up their "day jobs" yet!

Have a Happy Day!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

These are wonderful!!
If we come back as something...if I could live in one of your coops, I want to be a laying hen!
Called SuzyQ!

Chatty Crone said...

Monica that is so wonderful - the talent you and Bob have. I listen to Kicks Radio and just this past Friday - It's Cadallac and Dallas -and Dallas's husband just bought her some hens and a rooster a few months ago. She broke in the eggs and was making him an omelet saying he would never go back to store bought eggs.

She was right.

Now some cities don't allow chickens and some do.

You need to start a free site and put in the title somewhere 'Chicken Coops' so it will come up. I am sure people are looking for them.

Give it a whirl!

I'm serious.


Angela said...

Hey Monica!

The coop looks really cute painted red like a barn! It is a shame that the government puts up so many road blocks for the little man to run a business. My neighbor can't sell her cows milk because of all of the red tape.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

those look fantastic!!

farmlady said...

Very nice coops. Love the red paint.
Does this color make the hens lay more eggs?
Your husband is a master carpenter. Hope you sell lots of them..

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

These coops of yours are like mini palaces! Like that barn red!
Country Blessings,

Diann said...

Monica, that is so awesome! Your coops are wonderful and I am so glad others are buying them!

I have been hearing a lot of folks complaining aout all the road blocks the government puts up and insane amounts of red tape. I just don't get it. The "little guys" are trying to make a go of things and are getting stopped at every turn. I undersand there needs to be enforcement and what not,but it seem to be way overboard.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day1