Saturday, June 12, 2010

Barnevelder Hens

The new pullets I got yesterday will look like the hens shown in the picture above when they are grown. I did some quick research before I decided on trying them out, and found they are a medium heavy breed of chicken, and dual purpose (eggs or meat). They were a well known Dutch breed known for producing a good amount of dark brown egg, but now breeders are raising them for show so they aren't as concerned with maintaining the dark brown egg color, or even to the productivity of the hens. It seems that whenever chickens are raised for show birds, some things such as productivity are compromised to achieve a balanced appearance in the bird.
Do you think the same goes for breeding other species of animal?

Happy Saturday -


farmlady said...

Wow! Monica. That pup looks like he(or she) just saw the holy ghost, not a few new chicks. Corgis are so funny. They can get the most amazing looks on their faces.
Love those new Hens. Enjoy

Angela said...

They are going to be just beautiful Monica! Their feathers are just beautiful the way they are colored and all.

Happy Saturday to you too!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Those feathers are really beautiful. Such pretty girls, especially the corgi kid at the end of your post!

ocmist said...

Those are really pretty chickens, and I hope that they work out well for you. Loved the picture of Jazz, too.

I've seen the problems that breeding for shows can cause especially in the Arabian breed of horses. They really have messed up a LOT of those beautiful horses! It's just pitiful! Linda

ocmist said...

Oooops... Angela is the one that has Jazz... I don't remember if I even know your corgis name, but I LOVE the expression! I've seen it often enough... Looks a lot like OC!

Diann said...

Hi Monica!

congrats on the new pullets! They are going to be beautiful!

Chatty Crone said...

I do think sometimes we change or try to change the way things were meant to be - kind of sad. sandie