Monday, August 9, 2010

Down Country Roads

 On Friday we took the finished coop to the Newaygo County Fair and got our display set up.  The borrowed trailer worked quite well for loading and unloading - much better than the big lift required to put that heavy monster into our pick-up truck!  Getting too old for much more of that!
 I added a few decorative touches, including signs and sun flowers - and of course we included flyers and business cards in weather protective folders for folks to take if they were interested in ordering one of these beauties for their flocks at home.
 The designated area for our display had a nice grassy spot and we set it up there to take some photos.  We got a lot of lookers even though the fair didn't officially start until the next day.  Everyone seemed charmed by it, flipping open doors and latches to look at the "innards" as well as the "outtards"!
 We're happy to be finished with this project - the heat as been terrible, but the humidity was WORSE!  I believe God is making up for our unseasonably cool summer LAST year by sending us rain and heat THIS summer!  He works all things out according to His plan.  Today it is raining again, and since we have friends that will be exhibiting daily this week, they have graciously offered to open and close the hen house doors depending on the weather, so the display bedding and our fliers do not get soaked.

Even if we don't get any orders resulting from the display, we'll get exposure, and maybe surprises will happen --

Down the Old Country Road!


Chatty Crone said...

Monica the more you put out there in the world - the more exposure - something WILL come back.


Jane said...

Good luck at the fair!


Jane said...

Good luck at the fair!


Carmen C. said...

That is an AWESOME looking coop!!! If I had chickens I would order me one for sure! Thanks for the comment on my house, I am SO glad it is done:D

^..^Corgidogmama said...

If I grow feathers....could I move into one of those? How charming, how delightful, what craftsmanship!'ve got a real winner here. It would look divine in anyone's backyard. My daughter in Chapel Hill will flip when she sees this one!

Angela said...

It looks just fantastic Monica! I sure hope that you do get some orders from the fair.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! I love it! Any chickie would be proud to call that home... good luck with it at the fair!

ocmist said...

I just backtracked because I missed what had happened at the Fair. Did you end up with any orders? I sure hope so. They are so cute! I didn't enter anything in our Fair this year. Just haven't had time to draw/color anything.

Your Rooster Cookie Jar reminded me that I'd missed this post. Linda