Monday, August 30, 2010

Ice Cream Sunday - or Sundae?

Mr. Wonderful had a loooooong weekend this past Fri-Sun. and I think he really enjoyed it!  We had a chance to visit some good friends in his old hometown of Fremont - people we had not had a chance to visit with since last year sometime.  Everyone's lives are so busy, and the time flies by too quickly.  You just have to clear a space in your calendar and do something about "making time to make time", if you know what I mean.
Heritage Hen House Flyer
The garage got cleaned out from building our Heritage Hen Houses, finally.  There's been no time for that up till this weekend either!  I can't even BEGIN to know where that mans tools need to be stored, and so I steer clear of his MAN CAVE.  If I were to put anything away for him, he'd ever find it again!  So, I sweep the floors when he is finished arranging the saws and wrenches and air hammers.  I know my place in that world!

Sunday we took an afternoon drive up north.  I enjoy those drives, as it reminds me of when my dad used to take our family on Sunday drives...we'd all pile in the car to enjoy the scenery.  I remember looking out the window, and back then I'd pretend I was galloping on a horse, jumping over fences and ditches, and racing across the roadsides....We didn't need any videos to watch in the car, or headphones to listen to tunes to pass the time.  We played road games, used our imagination, and just enjoyed the drive.
Jones' Ice Cream, Baldwin, MI
No road trip is complete without a stop at Jones' Homemade Ice Cream shop!  This parlor in Baldwin Michigan (a little hole in the wall town) has changed very little since dad took us kids there so many decades ago!  The very same square tables, the same counter, the same round counter stools - and an old wood and glass display case with candies and tee shirts for sale... On all the walls are photos of Baldwin, previous owners, and a pictorial history of Jones', so very faded, but interesting to see and read. 
Same Building since 1942
 I heard the owner telling one of her helpers that she had owned the shop for the past 20 years, and there had only been 3 owners!  I guess that shop helped all the previous owners retire, because that place is ALWAYS packed whenever we've stopped in for an icy treat!
Mural on the building was added just a few years ago.
Some things have probably changed, at least as far as the menu goes - I see they have Blizzard type treats, waffle cones, chocolate DiPpEd waffle cones, chili dogs, and nachos.  These things were unheard of when I was a kid - you got a choice of regular cones, or SUGAR cones - that was as far as cones sprinkles, no Blizzards - and I thought the cones themselves would never be improved upon.  I suppose there's always room for improvement - except when it comes to Jones' handmade ice cream, ITSELF!  It's the WORLD'S BEST!

Have a COOL DAY -


Carmen C. said...

OH YUM!!! That sounds like a wonderful place to visit:D My hubby keeps all his *stuff* in chaos in the garage, I can never find even a hammer but he knows exactly where everything is! Men!!!! Hope you enjoy the day:)

Jane said...

Oh, I remember when traveling as a kid, looking out the window and counting the farm animals and license plates from different states was great fun. Miss those days as well, at times.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Men are universal when it comes to their man caves!!
That ice cream shoppe looks divine. I'm looking at a MI map to see where Baldwin is, in relation to us~

Angela said...

Now that sounds like a perfect long weekend to me!

I don't touch my husband's tools either! I have my own if I need them. Actually he got into mine a few years ago and I don't have as many as I once did! lol

Here's to many more perfect long weekends!


farmlady said...

I've always told my husband that he can't die first because I wouldn't know where anything was in the garage. It's his territory. It's his "man cave".
Now, excuse me while I go to the ice cream store downtown.

Silver Strands said...

Hi Monica. Just found you and enjoyed reading your blog. Especially love the ma-n-pa ice cream shop!

Have a great day.

Chatty Crone said...

That is the ice cream shop! How cool is that! Looks good. Yum.
I remember those long drives too. Never thinking they would end. Hope he got all his tools put away. sandie

ocmist said...

It's fun to go back and find some of the old places still there. It is very sad when they start changing a town all around and pulling down a lot of the old places like the are doing in my home town. There is a Candy/Ice Cream shoppe like that in Bakersfield called Dewar's. It's been in the same building for over 50 years. Their stuff is SOOOOO GOOD!

Janet, said...

I love little towns. There is a little ice cream shop in the small town of Cairo, WV. It is very old and in the front window is a huge display of old ice cream scoops.