Monday, August 16, 2010


This weekend was so hot and miserable across most of the United States - humidity was the chief culprit.  Mr. Wonderful was out there in the thick of it, mowing and weed-eating our yard, and also way down by the roadway, sweat just dripping and causing grass clippings to stick to his skin.  Thankless but necessary chores like these need to be done. 
Canoes of Many Colors
After he showered and changed, he said he had a brilliant idea, and we had to leave right NOW!  He grabbed us each some bottled water, and we headed out to Rockford - to a CANOE LIVERY!   We had talked of doing this a year or so ago, because he knew it was on my 'Bucket List' - things I had never done before.  Because HE is MR. WONDERFUL, he knows how to do most EVERYTHING, and he enjoys doing most anything we can dream up to do!  I was taken totally off guard, but I was game, and the humidity was letting off due to a cold front that was moving through - what a relief!
Water so clear we could see the bottom!
Since I'm a greenhorn, I knew absolutely nothing about canoes, balance, paddles - so you can imagine the possibilities for disaster were endless!!  He had to tell me to relax, because the canoe was wobbling back and forth as I tried to figure out how to steer and balance so I didn't tip us into the Rogue River!  In a short time, I began to feel like Pocahontas with her Warrior, paddling down the rapids!
That's ME in the front!  (SURE!)
We saw turtles, many ducks, wildflowers, and even some magnificent homes hidden far from the roadways that we would never have imagined were back here!  One of the most surprising sights we saw was a clump of grass, possibly a foot long and equally as wide, "swimming" to the shoreline!  We watched in amazement as the "grass" lumbered forward onto the sand, and we could see a muskrat shedding its' baggage, venturing out to collect more of the same!  So funny!

The 2 hour trip ended far too soon for me.  Mr. Wonderful took me out for pizza afterward - and he gets an A++ for a surprise date like this!



Angela said...

That sounds like so much fun! Your Mr. Wonderful sure is Wonderful! He's a keeper!

When I was a teen I went with the 4-H on a canoe trip to Ohio at Bob Evans Farm. It was so much fun. We would stop and swim and tip the canoes of others. Fun!!!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Man, you are one lucky ol' girl, aren't you? You found your prince, to be sure! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a hot, late summer Sunday! Muskrat love!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

What a guy! I don't know how he can handle that humidity, it's been so horrible here in Indiana. Just last night we had a cool down and I feel a new lease on life! So glad you got to go canoeing. I sure enjoy it.

farmlady said...

Now we know why you call him Mr. Wonderful. What a fun "date" to go on together.
I love the photo of you. I didn't know you were so young... just a child bride. Right?

Carol............. said...

Yes, most of us are melting! LOL That canoe ride looks very inviting...what fun!

LV said...

At least he had a cool thought. I am not one to get on the water. However, like there, it is so terrible hot and dry, I might try it. Thanks for your visit.

Jane said...

Glad you had a great time canoeing. Mine has been in dry dock for over a year now and has yet to see the water. I doubt I will get out this year, for many reasons.


Chatty Crone said...

What a great time - he thought of that all by himself? I was almost drown by a canoe once. Are you going to be going again? sandie

Rose said...

what a great day to do something different. rose

ocmist said...

What a GREAT surprise "date!" Looks like a lot of fun and so pretty. Also interesting to see the muskrat... Makes me think of the song, "Muskrat Love!" :)

Sure sounds like you named him right!