Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'All! - a Celebration of Harvest

Getting ready for winter heating
Some of you know that on my BIRTHDAY, the Lord graciously provided a new part time job for me.  I was wondering if the job was my gift from God, or if the previous 2 years of unemployment was my present!  Perhaps it was both?  We cannot know or understand the mind of our Creator, but at any rate, in all things, be thankful!

I've enjoyed the colors of the trees and foliage on my daily drive to the office each day.  Tractors are in the fields, "bean heads" at the ready, and have been harvesting corn in some areas as well.  Our harvest this year has been from our 3 tomato plants, which delivered plenty for our sandwiches, a few jars of tomato jam, and "dainties" for our hens!  Our flower garden has flowers - and the sun in the woods does not allow us to have extra space for a good vegetable garden.  But we've had a harvest of a different kind - a harvest of fallen trees!  We've been cutting and splitting on and off this past summer, when time, heat and humidity allow.  We still have some wood to split yet.
Ready to split!
The new job hasn't required much of me, except to plan my schedule, as I don't start working till 12 noon, and I return home around 5pm.  But still, anything new can be tiring on the mind.  I've been learning the phone system the past couple days.  It's different than any I've used before, and seems to me to be a little old fashioned.  But, that is what they use, so I'm a-learnin'!

My drive home last night was a nightmare.  "ART PRIZE" was going on downtown, with all of its various venues, and thousands of people wanting to get off the expressway to find a parking space to see the artistic creations, and to vote for their favorite Artist.  Big money involved on the streets of Downtown Grand Rapids!  Then, a huge traffic accident that slowed traffic for miles.  Even the southbound lanes were slowed to a crawl, because of "gawkers" trying to see the wreckage!  I got off as soon as I heard on the radio what was causing the mess, but it didn't help me one iota!  I think I headed out into a mess that was just as bad - the cars wanting to park to see Art Prize, AND local college students going to and from their classes!  Oh dear!

So, for a job that should get me home about 5:30pm, I arrived home at 6:30pm, and look what I found after my tiring day???
Deliverd, but not stacked!
Mr. Wonderful found a deal on wood, and ordered 2 cords of it.  This is part of the first load.  The fella was supposed to deliver and stack, but he changed his mind on stacking it for us, even with the offer of extra pay that he agreed to.  So - he gets less money, and we have more work!  We stacked one pile of it last night when Mr. Wonderful got home, and this pile will get stacked when we get home tonight!!!

Happy Harvest!


Angela said...

I'm so glad that you got a job for your birthday!

That's great that you are getting more wood for the Winter. Can't believe the guy didn't stack it though.

Have a Great Day!

Carmen S. said...

That is wonderful news to get a job for your birthday, congratulations, you deserve it!!!!! I love the look of the wood, I do hate the cold of winter but it sure has a beauty and peacefulness all of it's own:)

Love Of Quilts said...

Its good you don't have to worry about staying warm....hope your enjoy your new job. God Bless Trish

Rose said...

glad to hear about the job. i agree i wouldn't pay the full amount on the wood since the guy didn't stack wood. rose

farmlady said...

Congrats on the job and happy belated birthday to you.
If all else fails you won't freeze this winter. That looks like good wood.

Verde Farm said...

Congratulations on the new job! Looks like you you have a job at home too--that is a bunch of wood to stack :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love how you said do you get it for your birthday or were the two years prior were the gift? It's true - and Monica I think they are all gifts - but the trick is to know it's a gift - when we are in the gift.


Man I am so sorry that guy dumped those logs off like that - what a job!

And the traffic jam - you had it rough. Joy comes this weekend.


Unknown said...

"Expressly Corgi" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Whosyergurl said...

We burn a lot of wood, too and dug says with my new muscles I don't have any reason not to help! Yay. Exercise! :-)
Happy Belated! I'm happy you have a new job! xo, Cheryl

ocmist said...

Glad to hear that the job is working out for you. That wood look wonderful. We use a woodstove to heat the whole house around here, and having delivered and split already would be great.