Monday, November 8, 2010

Chores Galore!

Our 5 acres of "Heaven on Earth", as its been called, has hundreds of trees.  In Spring, the leaves provide a back-drop for the flowers of the Dogwood trees; in Summer they block the view of the neighbor's house and garage, giving us our own private little world.  In Autumn, the colors and shapes are amazing!  In Winter, the snow rests on the branches and trunks, offering a view out our large windows that makes me glad of the toasty heat from our corn stove and wood burner!  I DO love them, but at this time of year, they mean more work.  It's FALL, after ALL!!!  And FALL, they must!  More chores AFTER work!
  We rake only the area surrounding our house and outbuildings, of course.  We don't clear the entire 5 acres.  But when we're finished with this small patch, it FEELS like we've raked 5 acres, let me tell you!!!  Every muscle, every bone in our bodies ache!
   The musky odors of the leaves as they are moved brings back thoughts of Autumns long ago - when us kids used to "help" dad as he raked huge piles of leaves in our yard.  He'd no sooner rake a huge pile and he'd gently toss us into them, covering us over with a blanket of leaves!  They were light and fluffy, and we would beg to be tossed in again and again!  Dad knew how to let kids have fun, and how to join in!  Never mind he had more raking to do when the games were done for the night - he had the heart, mind and soul of a child, and shared in our delight of the season!
  Later on, we'd help truck those leaves by the handfuls and Dad would lug the largest share - to the burn barrel in our alley.  The main portion of leaves were from a tall Oak in the neighbor's yard, so they would smoke and barely burn.  A sprinkle of Maple leaves would renew the flames when smoke had taken over from the oaks, and the smell is something I enjoy now, away from my fire pit.  The scent takes me back... decades the flames fire my rememberings of the BEST childhood a girl could ever wish for.

The Leaves are Waiting....


Carmen S. said...

I love the smell of burning leaves! It's wonderful you have such happy childhood memories, hope you have a GREAT day:)

Rose said...

back from my trip. i hate clearing up leaves as it's hard and boring work. my husband rarely does it. he feels it's good for the soil. who knows. take care don't over do it. rose

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Isn't it amazing, how scent brings back memories galore?
I can't wear Chanel #5, it makes me sick, because I associate it with my ukky ex, however, most everything else is pleasant....baking bread, cinnamon, burning leaves, woodsmoke from a campfire, scented candles, lemons...on and on.
Hard work but your brain supplies plenty of happiness in the remembering old days with folks we haven't seen in eons.
Thank God for memories, hun?

Angela said...

I'm glad that you have great memories from your childhood while doing chores around your house! Growing up we didn't have a lot of trees in our yard so I don't share those same memories as you.... Sigh... Sounds like great fun too! Where we live now we still don't have the need to rake leaves. There's one tree in the front yard but we don't ever rake them.

Have a Great Day!

Peanut said...

Yes, the autumn is wonderful and I love that new banner!

farmlady said...

What a lovely memory this is. I love that the fragrance brought you back to your wonderful childhood.
I love Autumn and the carpet of leaves. To me it's never a chore... it's nature beginning again, the cycle of the seasons.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad you got your leaves up and for all your childhood memories.

I am a downer here - but for people with asthma - like me - it's tough.

Beautiful pictures and a huge job especially when you are working.