Friday, February 6, 2009

the TRAIN - the TRAIN!

The weatherman reports a warming trend for Michigan in the next few days. That would be nice, as I believe we are all tired of the big freeze and winter's blasts. I walked down to check the mail not long ago, and the sun is shining brightly, but it's still so cold!!! Wish I could have a job like the weatherman, where I could be so wrong all the time and still be employed! He still has an opportunity to be correct - till next Wednesday, I believe. Then it will start to turn colder again - or so he says right now!
The 'girls' have corgi trails plowed through the snow from the time we got 3 foot of flakes flopped down on us! One of the dogs was brave enough to make the first trail, and the others branched off from there. It's pretty handy for their 16 short little legs to follow the trails - they look like a mini train - the Corgi Express!


Fran said...

HI welcome to the wonderful goffy world of BLOGGERS.. Of course yours looks great!! I knew it would!
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ClassyChassy said...

YOU just DID! I stopped by - nice headder! Very catchy!!! Whooo Whooo!