Sunday, February 8, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

Oh my - Have I EVER been cursed by the weatherman! We awoke on Saturday to a great surprise - it was raining from the wood ceiling above the kitchen cabinets, and the counter top was fast approaching flood stage! After some high-speed mopping, we found the problem - ice dams on the edge of the roof! Since this was our first good thaw, everything on top of the roof was melting quickly, but not towards the very edges. That snow had turned to solid 8 inch thick blocks of ice, and was causing the back-up of water to seep under the shingles, blessing the inside of our humble abode with sprinkles of happiness! OH JOY!
Bob climbed a ladder and chopped what he could reach, but it was clear that we needed a roof rake - and a double order of nerve pills, for our rooftop is precariously steep! We headed out to the nearest Home Depot, returning with the newly purchased rake, and Bob proceeded to climb the ladder once again. This time, he had tools in hand - the roof rake, a plow shovel, and a dirt shovel. He got the job done on the rest of the roof, as I watched the huge sheets of thick ice slide off and break into big pieces below. I did my job well ( he lovingly accuses me of standing and pointing when there is work to be done)until he reached the ground below once more!
Whew! Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it! Think I'll go have a cup of coffee, and reflect on my harsh commentary on the weatherman made on Friday! (I didn't mean it - really I didn't!)


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Looks to me like you folks live in the "pretty, and awesome" part of Michigan! Is it because of the steep roof style that the ice dams happened? I love your cabiny home.
Oh.....woods, cabin, dogs, kids,'ve got it all girlfriend!

ClassyChassy said...

We do love our place - not far from things to do in the big city, and not far from the lakeshore area for summer fun! But, its so awesome here at home, we spend a lot of time here relaxing, we don't have to leave home for anything better, as it's all right here! It's quite like being on vacation as soon as we are driving up our lane!

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Hi there, got my cards today, lordy I love 'em. The bonus card was a real treat, I had admired those on your etsy. Thanks so much for sending me one, love it!
You're in my favorites on etsy, so will be ordering again.
So glad that you started your blog. You're a natural, it looks great, and will catch fire with your good content. Lots of good people out there,to form a sista' hood with. I'm amazed how much talent there is in the etsy group!
So much crafting going on in people's homes. Your place is perfect to make pups happy!