Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning Has Begun

With the "Water Park" theme that happened in our kitchen over the weekend, Mr. Wonderful and I cleaned the kitchen and dining room from top to bottom, vacuuming the wood ceiling, washing the 'curiosities' perched above the cabinets, and doing some floor scrubbing. Man, did that feel good to get it all completed! He even washed the big windows overlooking our side yard! It's official - Spring Cleaning has begun!!!
Today I had a convo from another etsian who is very talented and features some extremely unusual photography in her shop - she's so excited about a corgi pup she'll be getting very soon! I can't blame her for being excited - Puppies are adorable, and CORGI puppies - well ----What a great breed choice! What more can be said! She inspired me to create a set of New Puppy Announcements now offered for sale in my classychassy shop. They can be used for any breed of pup, and the inside is left blank, to add a name, description, or even a small snapshot! Go take a peek - let me know what you think of them! Hope to hear back from you!


1 comment:

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

I'd love to experience a corgi pup...they truly are like potato chips...gotta have more!
Mr. Wonderful is a handy dude to have around, I'm thinkin'.
Just got back from visiting your etsy, checking out what's new. Love those vintage graphics, we'll just see how long I can hold out before ordering, he hee!