Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Plight of the Homeless

Like most of America, these days I find I am tuned the news, especially when I hear anything concerning our local economy. Every day, there is some mention of foreclosures, government bail-outs, failing businesses, and unemployment issues. Refinancing isn't always an option when mortgage payments fall behind. Banks aren't loaning money like we thought they would with the first government bail-out money. It's not only people losing their homes, but the family pets, too, are finding themselves with no place to go when someone is forced to move into an apartment complex that doesn't allow pets.
I try to help animals in any small way I can. Today, for instance, a friend was grieving the death of a wonderful dog they had loved for many years. I suggested adopting one, and she was receptive to the idea. It didn't take long for me to find a listing for the breed of dog they were looking for. That owner was looking for someone to take in her dog, as she had to move out of her home into a small one bedroom apartment, NO PETS ALLOWED! My friend is in the process of contacting the dog owner in hopes that the animal will work out for her family. I know she will take good care of it, just as she did her former pet. And maybe, there will be one less animal looking for a 'fur-ever home'!

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^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

It's amazing to me, how the economy is going to affect our lifestyles in each and every way! I never thought about pets becoming a drain on the household budget. To me, they are family, and it just wouldn't be considered to let them go...but, I'm not desperate, and that said, who knows what we'd do if we had to make a choice.
How sad! This shouldn't be! You did a very good thing, I'm proud of ya' Monica!!!