Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let SHMILY Brighten Your Day

When I got my first computer, there was a cute little story that was floating around in the email. Some of you may have seen it, and I don't recall all the details about the story. Most important to me was the name of the game - "SHMILY". It involved a family that would place a toothpick with the letters S H M I L Y attached to it in various hiding places that the intended recipient would be sure to find sooner or later. What did the letters stand for? "See how much I love you!"

It's kind of a silly little game, but very endearing, actually. It touched me because my father used to do something similar to me, but he didn't know about that particular game - he had his very own unique game! I worked at a medical facility not far from my parent's home. His version first began like this: Dad went for his usual morning walk. When I got out of work for the day, I headed out to the parking lot, opened my car door, and there, on the seat, was the biggest longest snake I had ever seen!!! I SCREAMED bloody MURDER, and everyone in the parking lot looked at me, ready to spring into action, if need be! How embarrassed I was to discover that the snake, very life-like, was only rubber in composition! I drove to my parents' home to tell them about my funny experience, and there at the door stood Dad with a big 'tell-tale' grin on his face.....and so began his funny little game!

Through the remaining years of his life, I would discover plastic bugs taped to my windshield or rubber spiders in my purse. Don't think his loving mis-deeds went unpunished! One early morning, as it was reported to me later, Dad woke my mother from a deep sleep. He put his finger to his lips to 'sh-h-h-h!' her as he quietly tiptoed down the hall, indicating that she follow him. With a kitchen towel in hand, he stood poised at his bedroom door. There, almost hidden by his giant penny bank on the floor, she saw what he had seen - - - a mouse, with its back facing them. Quick as a flash, Dad threw the towel over the critter in order to catch it before it escaped! Mom stood there laughing, tears running down her cheeks - She knew what HE would soon know - the mouse was a rubber one - planted there by ME!

To this very day, my Mr. Wonderful and I play our version of the game. I don't recall who started it, him or me. It doesn't involve just a toothpick. Anything is fair game! Currently, Homer Simpson has been used, as is shown in today's photo! Homer has been seen holding a spoon, dangling from a coffee mug, or perched on a coffee pot handle! This plastic character was rescued from the woods, partially hidden under some leaves on our property. He sat around in the windowsill for about a year, before he was called into action this week. Homer is poseable, which adds to the mystery of where he will be found next and what he will be doing!

When "SHMILY" found its way to us, it made life a little more fun! Don't take everything so seriously - - - add some SHMILY to your life today!

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Infrared Goggles said...

That is so funny, the fake snake and bugs... My son has begun to play his game of ninja with me (from the Pink Panther--he has played this with Poppa almost all of his life). He jumps out at me in the dark as we are about to leave the house. Last time he said, "I've never heard you scream that loud!" LOL