Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Coloradolady is hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday, and I signed on to display some of my vintage goodies!. Please check her very unique site for more entries of vintage items posted across the country and beyond!

This Restaurant-Style Coffee Cup/Mug is heavy-weight glass, and has a finger loop just large enough for an index finger to slip through it! The handle is large enough to give good support to a thumb and aids in getting a good grip! With a 'swish' of green leaf marking on the side of the handle, and green striping surrounding the top edge and also the flared bottom, the flare shape offers a good base of support. The bottom states only "Carr China Co., Grafton, W. VA D-41". Surely many hands have held this cup filled with steaming hot coffee or tea over the decades, under varying circumstances. If only this cup could talk!!!

History: The Carr China Company was nestled along the bank of the Tygart River in Grafton, W. Virginia. Founded by Thomas Carr in 1916, the factory made vitrified commercial china, fine-medium gauge hotelware and some residential service pieces. The factory operated from 1916 until July, 1952 and subsequently burned on July 16-17, 1966.

Here's a nice owl from the past, very retro, very vintage, and in very good shape for his age! This fella is a nice creamy color of off-white, with fine details. The color is worn in some areas, but it adds a vintage shabby appeal, even though it would be easy to touch up with acrylic paints if a person wanted to.
The back is painted silver, with some scratches to it, and a wire was apparently pushed into the wet plaster for hanging many years ago.
Imagine this hanging in the entryway or mudroom with a few other owlish friends of different varieties! HOO HOO! TOO COOL!

This vintage wicker basket was meant for holding wine bottles at one time. Now days, the wine bottles have grown larger in girth and most will not fit, but the basket would easily accommodate two bottles of your prized specialty brewed beer - one for you, and one to share with your favorite person!
The basket closes nicely with a fancy wicker latch on one side, for utensils, napkins, or snacks. There are 4 round woven feet on the bottom, and a nice handle for carrying.
This is fun for display, or for flower and fruit arrangements as well. A wonderful item from the past.

I love antique/vintage things, and do love to look at little shops in the neighboring small towns to see curiosities from the past! Some days it's a true learning experience as I step through the doors into the past!

NOTE: The items pictured in this post can be purchased from my etsy shop - currently they are on sale to make room for new vintage findings!


Susan said...

I remember way back when owls were all the rage and I think they are making a come back. And never thought about if cups could talk, think of all the conversations that have been over a cup of joe!

CC said...

Oooo, I love all your things. I think the coffee cup is my favorite.. Happy VTT and have a great weekend..

Coloradolady said...

My mom used to have owls like that...they were so popular back then. Have a great weekend.

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

I love restaurant china, and have some from Jim's family business, long gone since the 80's.
It's amazing how sturdy this stuff is, and thick and heavy to lift!

Anonymous said...

SOme lovely things..i love the owl :)

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Love all your items but the owls are my favorite, my SIL collected owls back in the 70s untill she ran out of for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

These are all really nice. That little owl is sweet!


Great post for vintage thingie thursday! Love the mug...just like the good ol' coffee shops used to have!

Rosie said...

Owls are extinct no longer. They seems to be making a comeback. Very pretty things.

Jewelgirl said...

Owls are making a comeback, saw owl
prints on Junior clothing last fall.
The 1970's is coming back, oh no!
Let's hope they don't have jumpsuits
and disco clothes Eeeek!

farmlady said...

I love old white china. I use it for everyday. It's sturdy and I love your comment about the cup talking. That's how I feel about all vintage things.

Miri said...

Great coffee cup-I've always loved those heavy, heavy cups-and its great that you have an end date!

Deborah said...

I have an oval plate marked Carr China Co., Grafton, W. VA. Love that little plate - it belonged to a beloved aunt.

Hope you will post your Friday Family Foto today so I can add to my link list!


SueLovesCherries said...

My dh says those mugs are the best ever - just wishes they held twice the amount of coffee!
Your owl's color is very pretty and soft looking!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What great treasures! Love the mug!