Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Happens When You Win a Giveaway

I was the lucky winner of the lovely earrings made by Olde Dame Penniwig! She's going to be opening an online shop offering her beautiful ear bobs for private purchase! I was so excited to be a winner - she even created me my favorite ones - the cocoa bon bon earrings! I watched the mail and haunted the mail lady daily, and the package arrived yesterday! I could hardly wait to open it and see my wonderful prize!

Well, let me tell YOU - if you win something from a giveaway - especially from Penniwig - don't be a thinkin that you will just open your package and that will be that. NOPE! SHE makes ya WORK for it! Getting the initial brown packaging open was little trouble. But there was more to it than that!
Picture number 1 is of the initial tools to get the main wrapper opened. No problem!
The hardest part was getting past the Sentinal Easter Bunnies she screwed onto the cardboard wrapper which was plastered shut with steel lock-washers! The rest was pretty easy - the earrings were each carefully wrapped so they would not get scratched by the tools I procured from Mr. Wonderful's Tool Box - at least she had the foresight to carefully cradel them so they would not be damaged by the chainsaw (not pictured in this post).
When I finally got to my prize, I had to take a picture of it. The photo quality does not reflect the true lovely colors of the ear bobs - I was so exhausted from removing them from their tomb of doom, that I simply needed to relax, so please forgive this picture - they are truly a lovely cocoa color with a sparkling 'gem' topping them off! And no, I didn't consume a cup of coffee with the little marshmallow Easter candies - I needed a Tankard of ALE!

Thanks to Penniwig, for a package full of fun! We'll be waiting for your Grand Opening! And Best Wishes to You!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I am also the lucky winner of a pair of her earrings, and then bought a pair they were so great. How lucky we are to have something made by this talented lady.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ha ha ha, very funny, it's the FLAIL for you, dearie!!! Making fun of me poor olde wrapping attempt! Shame shame!!!