Thursday, June 11, 2009

- Gotta Go Potty? Questions and Answers

1.) I can't imagine having 4 Corgis! Do you let them run in and out of your house or do they basically only go out when you let them out? My corgi just wouldn't learn not to potty in the house so she is an outside girl. I had every intention of letting her stay in but I just couldn't deal with that since I had a 3 yr old when we got her.

The way our house is set up, there is no way to put in a "doggie door"; besides, living in the woods, I'd be the lucky one to have to chase out raccoons or skunks in the middle of the night, if we had a doggie door!! They go outside when I let them out, and have their various ways of asking to go outside. Prairie will lay by the door and look at you. Dixie and Sassy will vigorously jump into your lap and pop their cold wet nose in your EYE! And Sissy (she was the puppy mill mama, remember) - she just gets 'restless' and will get up and roam (usually she will just lay by me, or sit on my lap, so when she 'roams', it is a signal to me that she needs to go out, or a clean up will be necessary soon! With 4 Corgis, sanity demands they be crated at bedtime. I keep a sharp ear on them, and if someone is ill, or has a need to pee, they will bark sharply or whimper, and I know they mean business! Even older dogs can be housebroken, but it takes a while for old habits to die.

2.) I do have a quick question. I was wondering if any of your girls will pee in your car? I took my girl to go to the vet last week which was too busy that we left and went to the petstore to get her food. We walked her around for awhile while we were waiting for pizza. On our way home she actually peed in my truck while laying down, I think. Now, when she was a pup she would pee on the couch while we were playing with her. I thought it was just excitement but I'm thinking she just might have a problem. She has peed on us when we have taken her on a mule ride ~ 4 wheeler type vehicle. Even after we let her out to walk around just in case she needed to go. Any suggestions?

You do not say how old your girl is, or if she has had pups before. This can all play into the answer. The bladder gets weaker as they age, so with older dogs, or dogs that have had pups, it is quite possible that they are unaware that they are leaking urine - and with some, it is more than just a leak - they let it ALL out! This can happen when they are asleep, as well. If this is the case, the vet can put your dog on an inexpensive med that will help with the problem.

Some dogs, even when walked around to relieve themselves, will not empty out all the way. They are usually excited, or anticipating something they do NOT want to miss out on! So, they quick-pee, and an explosion happens later. In that case, you have to slow them down, walk them in small circles, and wait for them to pee again, in a more relaxed fashion.

Another cause of unexpected (to the owner, that is) peeing is a urninary tract infection. This will cause the need for frequent urination, and is very uncomfortable (if you have ever had one, you can relate!). Keep an eye on how often the dog will relieve itself while playing in the yard. You may notice they have to go every 10 minutes or so, which is not normal. Passing blood, as was Sissy's problem, is not good. You will need to slide something underneath her (wear gloves and get a butter lid or shallow container) to get a sample to take to your vet for analysis, if you believe she has an infection. They can tell you within a few minutes! Antibiotics should clear that up within a week, and the dog will be more comfortable within 3 days!

Some animals, like my Sassy girl, just have a smaller bladder. She always asks demonstratively to go out. If I ignore her (try ignoring when she is trying to shish-ka-bob your eye!), even if she has just been out 30 minutes ago, and she's had a large quantity of water to drink, there will be a puddle! She cannot wait! She is the one I let outside first, in the morning! And she will go right about her business! I try to be considerate of their little quirks, and the only way I know these things about them is by observing!

I hope this helps you out with your dog. If you need more tips, do not hesitate to ask --I enjoy helping, if I can! Still taking questions, so if there are any others, ask away!


ocmist said...

This was interesting and I LOVED the corgi pics!!! Couldn't tell who was asking... I gather you were answering. We've got 4 at the moment with our foster Corgi. We have a large fenced yard and a doggy door which they've all been quick to learn to use... Even the new one just took a day or two. I haven't seen him go in the past few days. My corgis go on command, and the pups learned from OC. Doug, of course, marks on what they do and whenever any go when I ask them too, they get a jerky treat... Have I ever mentioned that my Corgis will do ANYTHING for a jerky treat?! LOL Linda

Keetha Broyles said...

Ah - - - NOW I know MY diagnosis. I must be a Corgi!!!! Have had 4 pups and can't hold my pee.

Sue said...

Your dogs are SO cute and I enjoyed the question and answer section!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Your corgi pics just kill me!

Chatty Crone said...

Your babies are so adorable. They are well loved. Your knowledge is amazing.

Twix said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You guys are very cute. I'm gonna follow your adventures...can't wait to read more about them. ~Twix

♥ Maya ♥ said...

such cute corgis

cool post, the questions are funny :P

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Our dogs unfortunately taught themselves to "scrape" at the door with their paws to go in or out...they are much too big for a doggie door, at 104 pounds we have a shredded back door!!! But anything for the animals...doors can be replaced, pets' peace of mind can't!