Thursday, June 11, 2009


The last post invited questions from readers, and I received only one, yesterday. Come on, don't be shy - ask away!

How many Corgis do you have? Did you purchase from a breeder?

I have 4 female Pems. Dixie was purchased at a "Clearance Sale" for an extremely low price! We went to a farm supply store, where they were having a 4-H Petting Zoo that day. A lady was pushing a shopping cart full of 6 puppies that were getting pretty good sized. We chose the runt of the litter, whose name happened to be Dixie. We kept the name, and we sometimes call her Dixie Doodles (yes, that is her last name)! She is pictured below, with Sweet Pea, a bunny we 'adopted' a few months back. Dixie is the Corgi with a CONSCIENCE, so she is easy to train, and easy to be with!Sassy was the next Corgi. She was given to me by the lady who was selling the pups - Sassy was a stray that made her way to the big city, and since she knew I took good care of Dixie, she asked if we would take Sassy, since she was at her limit with dogs she could have as a city dweller. I agreed, and named her Sassy; she has lived up to that name 100%! She is shown below, in her Turtle Pool! She is always ready for BIG FUN, and has been a SUPER MODEL for the note cards that I sell in my Etsy Shop, ClassyChassy!
Prairie Princess was the next Pem that we adopted. The owner advertised her for adoption because her family had moved to the city, and Prairie just was not a 'city dweller'. They loved her so much that they drove a few hours to deliver her in person, to be sure that I was a real live person, and to see the home where their baby would be living! That was a wonderful thing to do, in my mind, even though I would have been willing to drive to get her. She brought her husband and 2 yr old daughter, and the other dog they had, and stayed quite a while, looking at the horses, and chatting. Prairie was not without her 'issues' however - she tries to slip out the door every chance she gets, in anticipation of herding her owner! She is a sweet gal, and we love her laid back personality. She sticks around the yard, comes when called (most of the time!), and can run to keep up with the younger dogs very well! Prairie is shown below, with another adoptee, Herbie, who is nearly the same size as SHE is!Last, but not least, is Sissy. She is a double registered Pem, and was rescued from a puppy mill. Sissy had produced many litters of puppies for her owner, and did not know how to respond to being let out of her kennel. She was beside herself when asked to roam the house, and didn't know how to handle it. I was told to watch her, as she would urinate on the carpet if not let outside often enough, and she also had food agression issues. Observing her revealed no food agression - as a matter of fact, she would not touch her food at all, except an occasional nibble here and there. I examined her mouth, and her gums were bright red and swollen. Hmmm. She had an accident on the carpeting, which revealed bloody urine. I scheduled a vet appointment, and she had a stage 4 urinary infection, which needed treatment multiple times because she had had it for so long. We made an appointment for her teeth to be cleaned, and as it turned out, she needed one tooth extracted, it was so ulcerated. She was a very quiet dog when we got her - not a spark of joy in her eyes. This is all changed now, and she is pleased to plop herself in our laps at TV time, and absolutely LOVES the turtle swimming pool! She runs for joy, and patrols the yard for chipmunks and other small yard invaders!!! Sassy is seen below wearing her new smile!So, these are my girls, and how they came to be with us. The girls had such different beginnings, but now they have all learned "the Happy Dance"!


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - each and every one of them had such a warm and loving story. You are the greatest humanitarian.

I guess the last one holds the first prize for all she went through.

Is the one at the top of your Blog Sassy?

Kelly said...

What beautiful girls that all have such unique stories!! They are lucky to have found you :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Have you ever read the Mitford books by Jan Karon? I ask because the "hero" of the tales, Father Tim has a house keeper named Puny, and Puny has twin girls named Sissy and Sassy!!!!!

Angela said...

They are all such beautiful corgi's!!! I can't imagine having 4 of them. Do you let them run in and out of your house or do they basically only go out when you let them out? My corgi just wouldn't learn not to potty in the house so she is an outside girl. I had every intention of letting her stay in but I just couldn't deal with that since I had a 3 yr old when we got her.

Thanks for sharing their stories and their wonderful pictures!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

It sure was good of you to adopt those dogs, dearie. I think every one of them can truly be considered a rescue, including Dixie, because the fate of an unsold runt is usually quite sad.

Those are lucky, lucky dogs! All girls!!! How nice! And how clever of you to realize that Sissy was ailing. So many pet owners don't educate themselves and go around punishing sick animals.