Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home - Charming Chooks

Just after Easter, I bought a few chicks.

I sold a few chicks.
Bought a few, found a rooster so I sold a few.
Bought a few, sold a few.
One casualty, so I bought a couple more.

These are three of the Chosen Chooks - the Keepers! Starting from the front, is Lizzy (she was named by Chatty Crone! -Chatty thought she looked like Queen Elizabeth!-- Good choice, Chatty!), the white Americana is Marilyn (the Blonde Bombshell), and the last bird in the rear is Cleopatra (If you enlarge the picture, you can see that she has dark eyeliner!). I have 2 other Chosen Chooks that I will show you on another post.

Mr. Wonderful, who grumbled and refused to pick up the first batch of chicks with me, scoffed when I listed the first set of 4 chicks for sale, grumbled at the next set of incoming chicks, and was amazed at the subsequent sales of started chicks --well, he bought a magazine on raising chickens for egg production, looked up a website with pictures of chicken coops and nest boxes - and NOW, the "Grumbling Scoffer-turned-Enthusiast" has started to build a fabulous Chook Cottage! I watched in amazement as he took forgotten scraps of lumber stored in the rafters of the garage and transformed them into the framework of the Cottage. Perhaps by next weekend he will be able to complete it, and the Chooks will be Cheering! Then they can hang a sign that says "Home Sweet Home"!


Chatty Crone said...

What great names. They match all three. That was so much fun.

And now hubby is helping you - you put one seed of inspiration out there and it started to grow.

I think the idea has to be good, the soil soft, and the man ready.

How great - maybe it can become a little business for y ou.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hon don't forget, if you put in one of the peck-to-drink automatic systems, to also have the gallon buckets of water put out for them, too -- those peck-drink systems are all the rage but the chickens can't get enough water and egg production will be DOWN...

Another hint, my husband built his chicken coop on skids and could drop it down, he moved it from place to place so as to stay very healthy.

Dismom said...

It sounds like your place is going to very fun for grandkids to visit this summer!