Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Project Completed - NO Help from Corgis

Mr Wonderful had begun building a framework for a chicken house last weekend. He was a Chicken Scoffer, now turned Chicken Fanatic! At days' end on Sunday, he said if anyone ever would have said he would be building a chicken house, he would have called them a liar! Funny how life 'happens', huh?? Click pictures to avoid eye strain!

We were working away very diligently, and those poor young Corgi girls had way too much time to do as they pleased! The older girls took naps in the shade after romping after chipmunks and such. In the pic below, Dixie has just realized that perhaps there is fun to be had if she can sneak away and run rampant with her pal, Sassy! They're OFF!!!

They ran crazy wild for most of the day, doing as they pleased, swimming in their turtle pool, and having their BIG FUN! They only got scolded when they tried to steal some of the small trim boards we needed for the sides of the chicken house - little scamps!!!

And lest you think I don't help out on these big projects Mr. Wonderful works on just for me, here's proof that I don't just stand and point my finger at the things he might have missed!

Besides the fancy Cordura roofing, he even added a couple of small details - special for ME! Too Cute!

A Star to mark the main entrance for the girls....AND - - -
Custom made SHUTTERS! How neat is THAT!!!We got the chooks settled in. They are no longer second class citizens - they have their very own Home Sweet Home!

They gave it a hearty 'Once Over', several times, that is, before they decided it was up to "CODE".

And, lookie lookie - who is so TIRED!!! You would think those good for nothin CORGIS did all the work!!!

The Master Builder surveys his completed project, and is pleased that the chooks love their new cottage! Indeed, they feel comfortable and safe.

And their cozy cottage has an "Old Tyme" appeal - a pretty nice style chicken house! Perhaps he should offer some of these for sale locally, now that he has it down to a science? Hmmm- what a thought!


Laura said...

I'm very impressed. the bird are going to love it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Is it big enough for you to get in there and collect the eggs, or are you going to have to train the Corgi's to do it!?! Hehehehehehehe

^..^Corgidogmama said...

finally, we meet mr. wonderful.
can we mass produce him?
he's a real keeper, and love his handiwork!
you're a good team!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a coop!!! That is fancy enough to win a prize! Yer hubby sure did a great job!

The corgis are sure looking cute, too!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - so much to say here. You do have a very nice and cute Mr. Wonderful. You BOTH are lucky.

The 'chick' house is awesome - he did a great job and yes - you did help!

The dogs in the pool - adorable. They did look tired.

Thanks for sharing - you did have a busy weekend.