Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Basics - A Healthy Approach to Eating

There are three problems with food that we eat in the United States -
  • processing
  • portion size
  • absence of healthful alternatives
Processed Food - What does it mean? It is food that has gone through a machine, mixed with preservatives, and filled with unhealthy stuff that makes it taste great! This food is no longer the way God designed it, but more of a cross between food and chemicals. Eventually these chemicals pile up in the body and cells.
It isn’t enough to fill up and leave. Most of us head to a restaurant and stuff our tummies to the point they feel like they are going to burst. Eating until we have finished what is on our plate is considered good manners. As a child, I was told that the starving children in Biafra would love to have a meal like this (and if it was spinach or beets, I would think to myself "then please, send THIS to them!). Portion sizes like "Biggie Fries" are NOT a good thing, but it is offered as the normal size in restaurants, and even at home. Eating until your appetite is gone, no matter how much is left on the plate, is the most reasonable and responsible approach.
Finally, one should be concerned about the chemicals that are in the food. Chemicals like hormones that make the cows big (RAL-grow), preservatives that prevent aging of a product, and additives like artificial coloring and flavors are all unhealthy for the body. It is our childhood- to- death chemical consumption where cancer, obesity, mental disorders and allergies take effect.
One method to consider when trying to live healthy is to make sure you're eating food that is unprocessed and without chemicals. Typically, this means that one should eat as many whole and unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, organic meat, etc… Eating organic food can go a long way in preserving your body and health into the future.


ocmist said...

You and I are studying the same books, girl! This is stuff we all need to read and re-read and then read again! It is what has been helping me to feel better and lose weight, even if it is a slow weight loss!

Thanks for the reminder about getting back to God's basics for us!


Chatty Crone said...

What is that in the middle of the bread?

You are so right about what you post.

Glad to be back.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think the worst problem with our food supply is the inhumane treatment of the food animals!

Everything seems to be about the Almighty Dollar...*sigh*

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

I agree but the grocery store is filled to the brim with all the junk food...I try , I really do..:(
Thanks for your comment this morning!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

This was a terrific read!
Thanks so much for sharing what you've been reading and learning about. This is valuable info we should all take seriously, and start living healthier, beginning RIGHT NOW!!!

Shirley said...

Excellent post on healthy eating and you're right on!!!!