Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sincerely Hopeful for GET R DONE FRIDAY

I've been silent for a day here and there because I've been working on a project for GET R DONE FRIDAY. I hope to be done THIS Friday to post pictures for my meme, but - no guarantees! At any rate, I'll post pics of what was completed, at least, to let everyone know I've been working at it, and I'm sincerely hopeful to have it done soon!I wanted to repaint the bathroom, so Mr. Wonderful immediately (kind of!) got out his spackle and trowel and sanding equipment to patch some holes and even up the wall surfaces neglected by the previous home's owners.I like this little wall next to the "best seat in the house" - it has a rustic wood rough-sawn top, handy to help a person get up OR out! We replaced the very short stool a few years back with this taller one, which is wonderful to have in place if you are a person who has had back problems.And here is the vanity. The lower part of the medicine cabinet can be seen in the picture. The former owners peeled back the plastic materials that covered the mirror frame, and decided to try some antiquing that went with their French Country theme. Hard for me to imagine keeping that theme in this cabin type house in the woods. When we viewed the house, they had pearls draped on chandeliers throughout the place, pearls over everything! The vanity top is made of marble type floor tiles grouted together. Not a bad look, but it is pink, to go with the pinkish tile flooring.

I'm not sure what we are going to do about the flooring yet, and anything is subject to change, as we don't want to create a decorating nightmare. Right now I'm working on the paint part, and everyone will be surprised and amazed at how this turns out - including ME!
Have a Great Day!



Oh man....not to be hitting on your fella (giggle) BUT what is Mr. Wonderful doing later? As long as he has out the tools and spackle...
Can he do electric?
Sigh...After the "holy card" post at Penniwigs...I really am trying to be good...but I have certain folks whom encourage my "naughtiness"...and...well it is just plain hard to be good everywhere!
Ok...so leaving feeling inspired here to go roll another coat of paint on my own lil decorating nightmare....
Hugs...and thanks for your lovely comments on my Bloggie! Geez...how can you girls be so sweet when I've got Sassy ants in my pants????

Barb said...

Big project!!
But, anything you get done is another step toward completion. =0)

Blessings, See you Friday for get R Done.

Barbara jean

April said...

You have your work cut out for you! One job I don't care much for is painting. It's always more involved than I'm prepared for. I'm sure it will all come together and be beautiful! Happy painting!

Angela said...

I can't wait to see the before and after pictures of your new project! I wish my Mr. Wonderful would get back into the swing of gettin things done! lol I guess over the years of building our house he just needs a break but there are a few things that need to be done again! lol Like painting!!!! The entire house is in a big big big need of being painted again. sigh... kids.... and their messes..... You will laugh here. We started our house 12 yrs ago and it hasn't been really repainted since then! lol He won't let anyone do it but himself. He did do a few touch ups, which you can tell if you look, about 2 yrs ago. But, I can't complain! hehehe I can't seem to keep the kitchen clean either! Oh well, clean house in about 14 yrs when the kids are all out and grown up?????


Chatty Crone said...

That is a huge project - but I know you love them.