Thursday, October 1, 2009


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As you know, Mr. Wonderful sold my chicken's coop out from underneath them. They were not happy to be demoted to "dog status". They hated the dog houses I provided them with, even though there was fresh shavings in the houses. They laid their eggs way in the back of the dog house, or right on the ground - anything to let me know they were less than pleased - they wanted to make it difficult for me to retrieve the daily egg!

Now that the house is finished, I will post pictures of this deluxe coop! The picture below shows the Master Planner installing a side electrical box.And, the electric eye will see when it is time to switch on the night light inside for the hens - they have plans for bedtime stories, popcorn, and shadow puppet entertainment!Next photo is the nest boxes, with roosts, and conduit cables, to protect wiring from the pecking of curious beaks.The lovely large doors for cleaning.......made of Cedar and T111 Fir.... large enough to climb into, if necessary...This is one coop ready for take off! Note the open nest boxes on each side - boxes for 6 hens - although they love to share.The finished back side, with cleaning door, and decorations....One of the finished sides...there is a window on the other side of the coop as well....and note the area for hanging feeders - keeps the chicken mash dry, off the ground, and out of the way!And, the finished front, with ramp for the hens to enter their house! I have to finish their name plates, and those will be added soon.We were able to GET R DONE before the big storm rolled in, and were those hens ever excited! They were hopping into the coop before we even had it completely in place and leveled!!! They tried out every nest box, as evidenced by lay down prints in the shavings the next morning! I do believe it was successful, and they settled in quite easily. And, do you want to know what Suzy thinks of it? See picture below:She can describe those hens in one word: "IDIOTS!"

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Angela said...

Wow! What a palace for your girls to live in! They are no longer homeless. Your Mr. Wonderful did a fantastic job and he thought of everything! Job well done!

Congratulations on your win in the calendar! That is such a cute picture! I'm afraid that you wouldn't see my girls being that nice to a bunny.


Neabear said...

Wow! That is an awesome place for your hens to live. They sure are some lucky gals! Your post was too fun to read. Loved it!!

Barb said...

Cute post, and nice, nice house for your friends.


barbara jean

hmmm. Just saw a bleep about a birthday. Better go check it out. =0)

Diann @ TheThrifty Groove said...

Wow! That turned out awesome! nice job!!

Chatty Crone said...

Now that is better than the Hilton - those lucky hens!

Bob looks so sweet.

Your horse - does he have a room at the HIlton somewhere?

a corgi said...

just stopped in to say CONGRATULATIONS for getting pick for Kelly's corgi calendar; what a cute picture of your corgi and the bunny!

happy belated birthday too!

you have a very talented husband to create such a fine home for those hens of yours


PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Fancy! They ought to be happy now!