Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday's Show & Tail

I'm joining in a new meme today hosted by Angela, of West Virginia Treasures! Thanks, Angela - for a wonderful way to show off our pets and other animals we have known!

Igglety Pigglety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentleman;
Sometimes nine, Sometimes ten,
Igglety Pigglety, my black hen!
This is not Igglety Pigglety, but I love the children's poem! My hen's name was Tina - VALENTINA, to be exact. She was our very first keeper hen, a frost bitten rescue on a 4 lane highway. Her name was chosen because she was a Valentine gift for Mr. Wonderful 7 years ago! Near the end of that February, she began laying lovely sage green eggs for us, one per day!
Tina was a delight to all who knew her. She let anyone pick her up and tote her around the yard. She performed tricks for us; piano recitals were her specialty, as well as flying up from the ground to pluck a piece of meat from human fingers with dead-eye accuracy! She also loved BLING BLING, with constant attempts at robbery of toe rings, finger rings, and shiny quarters which she would quickly carry away in flight!
The photo above was the last I have of her - enjoying her Maxwell House Moment! It was shown on our Channel 8 Evening News, during one of the worst snow and ice storms in 2008. 3 foot of snow had fallen, on top of the 2 foot we already had on the ground, with more fluries on the way. The news team asked for contributions of snow scenes, and people were sending in shots of drifts, snowmen, and car accidents. I sent in this shot of Tina; it was also displayed on their website along with the other contributions. Tina passed away from old age She had always wintered well in her insulated dog house every year, and appeared to just have 'slipped away' from an undetermined cause. We will always recall her with smiles and joy, as she brought many moments of happiness to me and my family.

Please stop by Angela's blog by clicking on the picture or the link provided above, to read more fun animal stories! Feel free to join in with your dog, cat, and other pictures every week - this is sure to be a hit with all critter lovers!


Angela said...

Thanks for all of your encouragement and help with my new meme! You're the Best!!!

Tina Valentina sure was a beautiful hen! I can only imagine all of the fun and excitement and entertainment she gave you and your family. What a great story! I had a pet chicken when I was in my teens. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of her.


a corgi said...

Tina looked so cute! I never heard of sage green eggs, what a pretty color for them!


Intense Guy said...

:) I came over from Angela's.

Valentina was a gorgeous bird!

*laffs at the maxwell house moment*

Thanks for sharing!

Chatty Crone said...

Valentina . . . you have the cutest names and the best stories. And pictures!