Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts on a Wintry Day

It's been a long year of joblessness for me, and like many other folks, I've been cutting back on purchasing things I'd like to have so we can buy what we absolutely need. It requires being conscious of "Wants" vs "Desires", but has also made Mr. Wonderful and I more aware of things that are manufactured in America. Because we LIVE HERE, we should BUY HERE, thereby supporting our manufacturers, our workers, and our country.
Reading labels has been interesting and educational; if you've not been looking, it would surprise you at some of the findings. I originally started reading labels because of health concerns - fats, cholesterol, sugars, calories - you know what I'm talking about. Raising chickens for eggs has helped in knowing what goes into some of the foods that we eat - I can increase the Omega 3's by feeding flax seed to my girls, and lower cholesterol in their eggs by letting them 'free range' during the warmer part of the year, and in winter, I sprout wheat and oat grasses for their dining delight! I sell the extra eggs to help with their feed bill - gravel and natural "Chicken Chow" are things we purchase, so they remain healthy and that the demands placed on their little chicken bodies does not drain nutrients without replacing any. They are happy, spoiled little biddies, and I don't mind - it gives us back some control as to where our food comes from and how it is raised. It is a "co-op", of sorts, as it allows us to share some of the good things with friends that would normally buy lesser quality eggs from a market somewhere - why not buy from us at the same or lower cost than the stores? It only makes good economic sense!

While shopping for other necessities, like new socks, for instance, we were at Sam's Club a few weeks back (Christmas, remember?? It's not Christmas if you don't get new socks under the tree!!!) and they have some pretty good money saving deals there sometimes. Looking at the quality of socks, I liked one style for everyday wear (chores and such). They seemed pretty thick and cushioned, and I put them in the cart. I noticed another kind, and looked at them as well - and they weren't as 'cute' as the other ones, but seemed cushioned and pretty nice, but cost a little bit more - maybe a dollar or two for the same amount of socks in the package. I looked on the back and it read "Made in the USA". Hmmmm. The ones in my cart read "Made in India". Guess which package came home with me? Give up??? The less stylish ones made in America! I felt good about that purchase.
Something I have also noticed while reading labels is this - that when a label says "made by so and so, NY, New York", it does not necessarily mean it is made in America. It can be made by an American company, but MANUFACTURED in China, Mexico, or India. Be aware. Buy American, MADE in AMERICA!


Chatty Crone said...

First of all this Ebay song is great.

And I couldn't agree more - look at the labels and buy from the USA. That would be a great way to stimulate the economy - there aren't going to be any more jobs here if we are not careful.


Angela said...

Hey Monica! I look at the labels of where things are made all the time. I WILL NOT buy any food products made in China! I have found seasonal candy for the kids that was made in China and I refuse to buy it! I don't care if it is all cute in it's Easter glory!

After all that China did to the kids toys and the infant formula I have went all crazy about it! I even looked at my dishes to make sure they weren't made in China. Thank God they weren't because I would have been buying new dishes!

Finding clothes made in the USA has been a real challenge! I think the only way it is going to be made in the USA is if I make it myself but then my material will probably been made in another country. It is soo disappointing to me.

I found this site late year that you might be intested in. It's called Made in America. It's a blogspot and I'm following it but it doesn't put the updates in my dashboard for some reason. I forget to look at it but I do know that it is there.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hi Monica...greetings from one snowy world to another!
Oh man...if we were neighbors, I'd be an egg buyer of yours!
I couldn't agree more...if all of America would stop buying CRAP from other nations, and stick to only made in America would have great impact. Not only as a message to industry, but as a jumpstart to revitalizing our sad, sagging economy.
We all need to bite the bullet, spend the extra buck, and buy OUR stuff!
Sermon over.

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Making a comeback to blogging mentioned that you sprout wheat and oat grasses for your you men you plant those in the garden? And the flax seed, is that available at the local feed marts? I sometimes feel like I don't give enough to our chickens during winter, they luv cooked noodles, pasta and lettuce during this time. They are also free range during the warmer days. Great Post!!! Starting to look at labels myself!

farmlady said...

OK! I had to read your post AGAIN because I was listening to the Ebay song by Weird Al Yankovic. Too funny!!
You're right..., always BUY AMERICAN if you can and start doing with less. American people need an attitude adjustment about a lot of things. We should all be able to own chickens, even in small backyards, if we want too.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

LOL, are we sisters or what, I will not purchase anything not made in America if I can get away from it. I get so upset when I see folks buying Shrimp raised in India or Vietnam, when so many folks from our own State are being put out of business by these underselling countries. You can get extra large American Shrimp for $1.00 a lb more but they will buy shrimp half the size to save a dollar ...
How do we expect to have jobs if we buy stuff from over seas.

Troy said...

And I assume that you are trainnig the girls to emboss "Laid in USA" on each egg....