Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Mess

This weekend we were working on yet another GIT R DONE project. Looks like it will be another "biggie", and worse than the Bathroom Remodel, OR the Corn Stove Install! Guess what Mr. Wonderful started working on this past weekend?
That's right! - the kitchen cabinet doors! Pardon the mess - all weekend we've lived with stuff on the counters and all over. Nowhere to really put many things away. These are the old cabinet doors - white paint (I think they were spray painted in some areas) and they don't really have a rustic look.
Sunday I started brushing on a sealer over the pine doors as he constructed them. He got a great deal on 8 foot long tongue and groove pine boards at a big box store - buy one package and get one package free. How thrifty is that deal!!! Too good to pass up, especially when there are so many cabinet doors to build. 14 was the last count, I believe.We've been wanting to re-do the kitchen since we bought our little cabin, but it always seemed something else needed to be done first.
Not sure if he's going to keep the "appliance garage" - we keep a waffle maker in there, and the deep fryer. Mr. Wonderful says we'll have more counter space if he removes it - which he'll have to do anyways if he puts in a new countertop, since the marble floor tiles the previous owners put on for counter topping goes way inside that little "garage" too.
Of course we have to paint the outsides of the cabinets, the wall above the cabinets, and then - something must be done about the backsplash....
He has the top cabinet doors almost completely made. The bottom doors and drawer fronts will be worked on either during the week, or on the weekend.
Lots of work to be done. I don't think we'll be putting in a different floor Staining, varnishing and painting will be enough for this chick!


Carmen C. said...

I love a good mess when it means re-doing, and I am LOVING those cabinets!!!!

Shirley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cabinets are starting to look good. I know what you mean about mess. I had to empty the kitchen first and it seems every room in my house is now a mess!!!

April said...

I tell you what, there's never a dull moment in your household! Always some sort of project going on! I, too, LOVE your pretty cabinets!

Angela said...

Your kitchen is really going to look good when you get everything done! I love your handles. I think I would leave the appliance garage out. You will have a lot more countertop space if you do. I would try to find another place to put those things at. I had a microwave that died a couple years ago and it was in the corner. I didn't replace it because I only used it to warm up water so why bother! Anyway, I have so much more room now.

Can't wait to see the finished cabinets!


LV said...

You have a big project going with the kitchen. It will not be too easy, but just think how nice it will be when its over.

ocmist said...

Your kitchen is going to look just lovely when you guys get done! I remember when I redid my kitchen (floors, walls, etc. We had moved everything into half of the living room and cooked, etc. in there on an electric fry pan. Took me a couple of weeks! NOT FUN!

You will feel so good when it gets done!