Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Fine and Feathered Day in the Woods

I've been so busy the last couple days - such lovely weather we've had in Michigan! It's supposed to remain near 70 degrees the rest of the week! Lucky US! (Never thought you'd hear me say THAT, did you?? Our winters can be dreadful, but Spring?? GREAT!)
Yesterday afternoon, a couple came by to see the Chicken Palaces that Mr. Wonderful builds. After an hour of visiting with the hens and me, they wrote a check for a deposit on not one, but TWO hen houses! They were enchanted with everything CHICKEN!

The girls were in fine form, chatting for food, picking and skritching for wormies, and taking their dust baths! Some of them even dozed in the sunshine after bathing!The couple is starting to farm "organic" and are in the process of becoming Organic Certified. Right now they have 50 acres, and want to raise egg and meat birds. They are in for an adventure of a lifetime, I'm sure!
Questions came up about fabric choices for the purse I have listed at my ClassyChassy shop, pictured on yesterday's post. For now, until I can take time away to run to the city for snapshots, I will be able to create one for you in your choice of the Keepsake Calico prints, at JoAnn's Fabrics - check their website HERE. There is quite a selection of pretty prints, and some of the floral prints are adorable! Two different prints will be needed, one for the outside, and one for the lining. Just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to help you with your selection! As mentioned on the previous post, I made a purse for one of my blogging buddies; Angela chose a floral, with a coordinating stripe for the lining of her bag. (She received her purse yesterday - to read her review on it, click HERE.)

Have a springy Spring Day -


Chatty Crone said...

I can attest to Monica's fabulous skills - I've bought four totes off Esty and am in love with them all.

Now to those chicken coops. Two of them - boy you two are going to be busy. I'm glad it's nice out!

You're animals always look so healthy too.

Great job! No jobs!


vintagesusie said...

How exciting is that??? To sell two of these amazing palaces & truly what an adventure your friends will have ahead of them! And, while you are having your 70 degree weather in Michigan, here in SO Cal it snowed at my house last night. Hey, give me back my weather!!!

Cozy Little House said...

He does a great job on those chicken houses! I might even could live in one of those.

Angela said...

Hey Monica!

I love my purse! You did a fantastic job making it for me! I can't wait to show it off at church!

Mr. Wonderful is going to be busy making all of those new Palaces! Glad to hear that your weather is warmer now! 70's is just perfect isn't it! Right now my theometer is reading 98 degrees on my front porch? Is that right? It is hot and the Sun is out.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

You both are so talented! Fabulous chicken palace and I love the totes. I hope you pretty weather continues and that you have a lovely Easter.

^..^Corgidogmama said... and your Mister Man, are meant to be together, I swear. What you can create, when putting your heads together, is absolutely amazing! Two sales is fantastic, I bet that you're still smiling!
I've decided, that I want to come back as a hen, just so that I could live in that divine, utterly charming Coop!

ocmist said...

Your chicky's look like they are really enjoying the warmer weather! That is great, too, that your hubby's hobby is getting more and more exposure! What a great idea!. Does he build them there at your place or go to their place to build? Linda