Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hope-sessa Tra La La!

You know, I have the dearest husband in the world, but he's been cranky lately - short handed at work, mean and mouthy customers that he's had to deal with every day...can't say as I blame him for getting 'the cranks'.  I've been waiting for the mail delivery each day, hoping the surprise I got for him would show up - and today it finally did!  SWEET!  So, I gift wrapped it with a charming note and put it on the bed where he'd be certain to find it when he got home and changed this evening.....
Mr. Wonderful and his Surprise!
It was an instant HIT!  Doesn't he look pleased???  He could hardly wait to climb into his new Tee, and it brightened up his mood immediately!    I love to see that smile - it's a winner!
Love Chickens?
When I was a kid, we called gifts like this "Hope-sessa Tra La La!"  I think it means "present" in Polish, but I'm not certain.  The expression has a funny happy sound, and that's why I remember it so easily!

Make it a great day - for EVERYONE!


Angela said...

I love it! Mr. Wonderful sure does look happy wearing his new shirt! What a neat saying! Hope-sessa Tra La La! I like that!


Jane said...

Great post! Love the T-shirt. Had a friend that drove a big rig one time; his T-shirt would have had grilled owl on it. Yikes!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

You two crack me up!
The perfect tee for Mr. W.
I think many of us will be picking up that new word you've taught us today and begin using it in our own households.
Love the chinked log wall behind your hubby too...verrry interrresting....and the buttoned valances.....snoopy, aren't I?
hee hee!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Oh no you didn't!!! Poor chicken! ha ha !

Troy said...

I hope your girls don't see him wearing that shirt. There will be a general egg laying strike in the old coop...

Chatty Crone said...

Love that t-shirt and I know he did too. Just a gift no one was expecting - a real surprise.


Rose said...

these things as you have done for your husband is a wonderful medicine for those awful days. great smile. thanks for your comment on my post reflect. it's difficult to e someone deteriorate. we at least have the older memories. take care rose